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StaffApril 20, 2021


Ave Miller is a veteran sales and account manager that has been in retail management, retail sales for 7+ years and the cannabis retail sales space for 2.5 years. Ave transitioned into the cannabis space in 2017 and was one of the original members of the Select Oil California Launch. During this time he learned all aspects of the cannabis vape industry and was immediately placed into a management role and was head of manufacturing and Fill production. Shortly thereafter, Ave transitioned to being Assistant manager of supply chain and curating relationships with 100+ growers in the state. Ave Co-Founded Fly Beverage Co in January 2020 and has been instrumental in the early market traction the company has seen to-date.


GMR Executive Spotlight Interview Q & A:


Full birth name: Ave Benjamin Miller

Title: Chief Global Sales Officer

Company: Fly Beverage Co.

Years at current company: 1 year and 3 months

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: Named top performing  store manager for the western region of Zumiez, INC, a specialty clothing store for their annual holiday sales contest. When I arrived at the store it had experienced a loss of 10% per year for the previous seven years.  By focusing on the details, and developing strong relationships with customers and staff,  sales increased  by 27%!

Company Mission: Providing affordable and accessible cannabis to the masses

Company’s most successful achievement: Developed relationships resulting in product placement at nearly 200 California dispensaries  expanding into 23% of the dispensaries in  California in less than 12 months.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no), if so, how much?:  Yes! We are on a bootstrapped start-up budget and have raised around 750K our money through friends and family.

Any plans on raising capital in the future?  Yes, we are raising funds for expansion and are looking to raise another 2 million dollars.

Most important company 5 year goal:  Scaling into every market in North America, Israel and globally with healthy growth and  sales and sustainable strategic partners.


StaffApril 20, 2021


Matt McGinn is the co-founder of Spacestation, a cannabis-infused beverage co-packing company, Fly Beverage Co., and Apollo Distribution as well as Chief Strategy Officer of Hardcar. 

In 2013, McGinn founded Blackeye Roasting Co., which quickly expanded across several Midwestern States in major convenience store locations.

Along with his team, McGinn oversaw the design and buildout of the company’s 30,000 square foot co-packing and cold brew coffee production facility, a coffee roastery, and two cafes in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

In 2017, McGinn left Blackeye and joined with Macai Polansky to co-found Spacestation.  Serving as COO, McGinn was instrumental in bringing Spacestation’s first clients to market, as well as helping create Fly Beverage Co. the brand house for Spacestation. 

Pivoting to expand Fly Beverage Co.’s brands, McGinn helped oversee the launch of Nectr, Matts High Soda, and Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade. Nectr and Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade are sold in over 140 Licensed California Dispensaries, with additional plans to launch product lines in Oregon, Maine, Colorado, Massachusetts, and the country of Israel.


 GMR Executive Spotlight Interview Q & A:


Full birth name: Matthew McGinn

Title: Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer and Product Formulator

Company: Fly Beverage

Years at current company: 14 Months

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: Built a regional CPG coffee Roasting Company, 30k sqft contract manufacturing facility in Saint Paul, MN for beverage retort manufacturing and scaled a CPG business in 18 months into over 3500 accounts before taking an acquisition in 2019.

Company Mission: Simply put, our mission is to make more cannabis beverages (like our Uncle Arnie’s, Matt’s High Soda and Nectr. as well as cannabis edibles, more affordable to the daily consumer. We intend to give the traditional market a run for its money!

Company’s most successful achievement: Number 1 fastest selling Cannabis infused Beverage. 152 Retail, licensed Dispensary account pickups in 6 months, with a bootstrap budget.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no):  700,000 from friends and family

Any plans on raising capital in the future? Aggressively raising 2-4 Mil more

Most important company 5 year goal: Product will be sold in all 50 states, and internationally. This will happen.

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