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StaffJuly 19, 2019


Howard Lee is the CEO and co-founder of SōRSE Technology, a Seattle-based food and beverage tech company. Lee’s background spans both the startup and Fortune 500 world. Prior to SōRSE, Lee founded and fund-raised for two successful startups, served as CEO for Photo Works, a NASDAQ listed company, and as Senior Vice President at Disney, where he ran a division with thousands of people and millions of dollars in revenue.

GMR Executive Spotlight Q&A – 

Full birth name: Howard Lee

Title: CEO and Co-founder

Company: SōRSE Technology Corporation

Years at current company: 3+

Education profile: I attended College but didn’t graduate. Instead, I decided to go to Silicon Valley and work on start-ups in the early 80’s.

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis:

  • I founded two successful companies that were Venture Backed. One was successful for investors and the other wasn’t.

  • I was the CEO of a NASDAQ listed company called Photo Works.

  • I was Senior Vice President of Disney Ecommerce & Catalog.

Company Mission: Our mission is to make working and consuming cannabis safer, easier, and more fun. We aim for our emulsion technology to be the standard for quality and safety in the industry. With the SōRSE emulsion, CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes can be added to any food, beverage, or topical product with even distribution, predictable onset, and without the cannabis taste or smell. The emulsion is also easily incorporated into any manufacturing process. These are differentiators that we see strengthening and improving the industry and benefiting producers and consumers in a significant way.

Company’s most successful achievement: Scaling the use of our emulsion to produce 10,000 units every 15 minutes for our customer(s).

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): Yes.

If so, how much?: $10,000,000 to date.

Any plans on raising capital in the future? We do not have plans to raise additional capital; we are cash positive and profitable.

Most important company 5 year goal: Expanding our emulsion technology world wide and more thoroughly in North America

StaffJanuary 14, 2019


Partnership with Tarukino fast-tracks Caliva into cannabis-infused beverage manufacturing

Partnership with Tarukino fast-tracks Caliva into cannabis-infused beverage manufacturing

SAN JOSE – January 14, 2019 /AxisWire/ Caliva, The Most Trusted Brand in Cannabis, has partnered with the world’s leading nano-emulsion technology provider, Tarukino, to bring premium beverages to the California market.

Caliva is broadening its existing industry-leading product line of branded cannabis flower, pre-rolls and vaporizer cartridges to include tinctures and beverages powered by Tarukino’s technology.

“We are thrilled to expand into the ‘Good for You’ product category with a new beverage line launching next year,” says Dennis O’Malley, CEO of Caliva. “After extensive diligence, we are confident that Tarukino is the right nano-emulsion technology company to partner with. We are excited to bring the best beverages in the market to California consumers in 2019.”

Tarukino, a technology-driven cannabis company based in Seattle, produces the top selling cannabis-infused drink in Washington state, Happy Apple. Tarukino’s Sōrse™ technology solves common issues with beverage consistency and taste by encapsulating cannabinoids in a water-soluble form that is odorless, tasteless, and disperses completely in water.

Caliva has secured exclusive rights to utilize Tarukino’s Sōrse™ emulsion technology in California to launch its new line of great tasting, consistent, effective, and shelf-stable beverages.

“The cannabis beverage industry today consists of products that smell like cannabis, taste bad, and have an effect onset that takes longer than 20 minutes. Tarukino solves all of these issues,” says Howard Lee, CEO of Tarukino Inc. “When we looked for a partner in California we sought out the best and most trusted brand out there – and that was clearly Caliva.”

Caliva will be producing beverages from both their San Jose and Brisbane facilities, and is expected to launch the first beverages in its San Jose retail store in Q1 of 2019.

To learn more about Caliva, its product lines, and its Bay Area retail store, visit

About Caliva

Caliva is the most trusted brand in cannabis. San Jose’s premier cannabis retailer and cultivation facility opened in July of 2015. In September of 2016, Caliva was ranked the #1 dispensary in the nation by Business Insider. Its facility is one of the most advanced pharmaceutical-grade cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing facilities in the United States, and a model for energy efficiency, safe access, and compliance. Caliva products are available for sale at licensed California cannabis retailers.

About Tarukino Inc.

Tarukino is a technology driven group of innovators creating surprisingly delightful, cannabis infused products for those in search of something better. Based in Seattle, Washington, Tarukino produces cannabis products based on its core technology, Sōrse™. Sōrse is the first and only water soluble cannabis product that produces entirely taste- and odor-free cannabis emulsions for infusion of medical and recreational products.

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