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StaffApril 23, 2020


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

The expansion of the cannabis industry is parallel with the increased public awareness of the marvelous benefits of cannabis for our health and wellbeing. New and current companies in the cannabis industry are constantly looking for new additions to their teams. There’s more to hiring people than reading a few resumes and choosing which one suits your company the most. Read our human resource tips and tricks that will help businesses in the cannabis industry find ideal additions to their teams. 

Know what you want

Even though it seems like such obvious advice this is where people make most mistakes. When it comes to hiring people, most businesses aim to just fill that void in the team. It’s needless to mention this can lead to a disaster. To surround yourself with a great team that will only contribute to the expansion of your cannabis business, it is necessary to know what kind of person would fit in the best. 

Keep in mind that the earliest stages of the hiring process are crucial. It’s important to ensure that everyone involved in hiring new additions to the team knows what is expected of an open position and candidates that apply. You need to set goals and communicate them with other team members clearly. 

Before you even post the job ad, it’s vital to identify what you’re looking for in a new employee or what that person can or should bring to the table. Unclear goals lead to vague job descriptions, misunderstandings, and more stress as the whole process keeps dragging. 

Create a training plan

The cannabis industry is like no other primarily because of law-related complexities. Since cannabis has a lot of complicated regulations and every company has to adhere to them, all employees need to know absolutely everything about it. If team members don’t understand the regulations it indicates the company doesn’t comply with the law and closure of the business could ensue. Therefore, when hiring people into your company it’s useful to create a training plan through which they will need to go so they can understand how regulations work. It’s also useful to mention the training plan in the job description because those who don’t want the training won’t apply. Otherwise, you could risk hiring someone who would find training tiresome and wouldn’t be dedicated to learning this important subject.

Besides regulations, you may also create a training plan in case you’re hiring people who have no experience in the cannabis industry but would like to try. The training could help them learn about different strains, benefits, and basically everything they need to know about cannabis. Go one step further and teach them about the best THC detox kit and offer tips they should know.

Publish concise job descriptions

A person who reads a job post needs to understand immediately what is expected of them should they apply and start working for your cannabis company. For that purpose, job descriptions should be concise and specific. Don’t strive to make the description as long as possible; it can be short and still deliver all the info they need to know. Specify whether you are looking for someone who’s got experience with the cannabis industry or other people can also apply. Read the job description several times before you publish it. That way you’ll avoid those awkward scenarios where you forget to mention something only for people to find out they have more tasks later on. Bearing in mind that human resources and hiring are challenging tasks you may also want to try out HR management software

Verify employee eligibility

If your cannabis business is located in the United States you need to bear in mind that Federal law requires all new employees to fill out the form called I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. The main objective of this form is to help companies ensure the identity of their employees and authorization to work in the United States. Why is this important? Federally audited companies that neglect employee verification could face consequences and that’s the last thing you’d want.  

Hire the best

A common misconception about cannabis industry companies is that they are just as laidback as people who use marijuana. That’s not true! Although you may be compelled to hire your best friend, cousin, or even a sibling, you need to keep in mind that’s not the wisest decision. Always hire the best candidate, a person with the best qualifications and you’ll see improvements in the business overall. 


The cannabis industry is witnessing outstanding expansion which means competitiveness is getting tighter than ever. Finding the perfect team members isn’t the most difficult task, but you do need to be careful. The most important thing is to know what you want and express it precisely in job descriptions. Hire the best candidate and ensure they go through the training so that your business can comply with law and regulations. 

Mary Walton is a professional editor, content strategist and a part of MarijuanaDetox team. Apart from writing, Mary is passionate about hiking and gaming. Feel free to contact her via Facebook.


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