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William SumnerAugust 15, 2018


Constellation Brands (STZ), best known as the distributor for Corona beer, is doubling down on its investment in Canopy Growth Corporation (WEED) in what some are calling one the largest investments in cannabis history. On August 15, 2018, Constellation announced that it would acquire 104.5 million shares of Canopy, increasing its stake in the company to 38 percent. At a price of C$48.60 per share, the value of the investment totals to approximately C$5 billion.

Additionally, Constellation will receive 139.7 million new purchase share warrants, which are exercisable over the next three years. Should Constellation exercise all existing and new warrants, it would increase its ownership of Canopy to 50 percent. As part of the agreement, Constellation will nominate four out of seven directors to Canopy’s Board of Directors, effectively seizing control of the board. Canopy founder, Bruce Linton, will remain as board Chairman and Canopy will continue to be led by its existing management team.

Canopy will use Constellation’s investment to strategically acquire and build critical assets in the United States, so long as it does not violate federal law, and the nearly 30 countries with federally legal medical cannabis programs. Canopy will also begin to lay the groundwork in those countries for future recreational cannabis markets as well. So far, the reaction within the cannabis industry to the investment has been mostly positive.

Beth Stavola, president and founder of MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX), said that the investment is a telltale sign of there direction in which the cannabis industry is headed.

“These alcohol and tobacco companies are starting to better understand the cannabis industry and the opportunity for large-scale growth,” said Stavola. “Mood modifying beverages for socialization is a natural segway for their businesses. As people continue to move toward a more healthy lifestyle and recognize some of the negative effects that alcohol may have on the body, I think we are only going to see this trend continue and get stronger.”

Mike Parmar, manager of investor relations for Isodiol International (ISOL), congratulated Canopy on its investment from Constellation, stating that the infused cannabis beverage markets “is poised to take another significant leap forward.” Canopy Growth is Isodiol’s Canadian licensing partner.

Despite the fear that Constellation’s investment would lead to greater market consolidation, Caliva founder Dennis O’Malley thinks that there is still plenty of opportunity of those in the cannabis industry.

“We believe there is a major consumer shift from alcohol to cannabis and that the Budweiser of cannabis has not yet been created,” said O’Malley. “There is a massive opportunity to innovate on form factor, dosage, and formulations in cannabis beverages to meet the fast-changing consumer demands.”

Linda Montag, a Senior Vice President at the financial services company Moody’s, was more circumspect, characterizing the investment as an expensive gamble for Constellation.

“Constellation’s investment in Canopy is a large bet at a very rich price, which can only be justified if the company proves that it can benefit from the changing environment for cannabis in Canada and beyond,” said Montag.”Constellation’s acquisition appetite has long been a rating consideration, but the deviation from its core beverage alcohol business into an entirely new space introduces potential new risks along with opportunities.”

William SumnerAugust 8, 2018


Isodiol International Inc. (ISOL), a manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade CBD and CBD-based products, announced that its subsidiary, Iso-Sport, has entered into an agreement with ALTIS LLC. Based out of Arizona, ALTIS is a company dedicated to promoting Track & Field through multi-disciplinary unification of the sport and provides elite athletes a variety of services such as coaching, integrated support services, and education.

Under the agreement, Iso-Sport and Altis will work closely together to research and develop CBD products aimed at improving athletic performance, recovery, and sleep. To that end, the companies will design and implement a designated within Altis’ primary track and field facility that is dedicated to sports science, dubbed the “Iso-Sport Living Lab.”

The companies will also work together to produce or facilitate at least one scientific study per year to investigate the impact of CBD on athletic health and performance. Altis will distribute and sell Iso-Sport CBD products throughout its retail and wholesale distribution channels and publish one or more articles on its website that specifically demonstrate the benefits of CBD in athletic health and performance.

As part of the agreement, Isodiol will pay Altis an initial cash payment of $250,000 and provide Altis athletes with a supply of Iso-Sport products. Additionally, Isodiol will make annual cash payments of $125,000 to Altis, which will be based on the fulfillment of performance milestones.

“With the introduction of the Altis: Iso-Sport Living Lab, we aim to generate new scientific data and knowledge by exploring, experimenting, and evaluating new ideas within the natural sporting ecosystem,” said Altis CEO, Stuart McMillan. “Altis is building a community of innovative, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, private businesses, coaches, researchers, and athletes with the goal of, quite simply, changing the way sports science is done by turning the real world into a laboratory.  This new relationship with Isodiol and Iso-Sport and the companies’ innovation with CBD products is a great step forward toward our goals.”

Anne-Marie FischerAugust 8, 2018


There’s something rotten, it seems, in the state of CBD Naturals and its CBD-related claims.

When Jared Berry’s brand CBD Naturals was recently selected as the exclusive distributor of a premier hops/humulus CBD isolate in the United States, he may or may not have expected that he would soon be served with a lawsuit.

The lawsuit comes off the heels of a contentious debate about the origin and trademark rights to extracting CBD from hops (the process trademarked humulus kriya), for which credit is to go to Peak Health Center. The process proves to be promising for CBD medicine as it as a derivative of a legal substance, promising consumers access to CBD in states that have laws against hemp or cannabis CBD.  

Peak Health Center is loudly disputing the claims by Berry and CBD Naturals, which the filed complaint cites as a Vancouver-based business under the publicly traded Isodiol International Inc. (OTC: “ISOLF”), that a signed agreement has allowed him to exclusively sell hops-derived CBD products, with Peak Health Center citing no such agreement in existence.

When contacted for comment, Isodiol International denies any relationship with Jared Berry or CBD Naturals. “Jared Berry is not an officer, director, or fiduciary of Isodiol, Iso LLC, or any of the Isodiol Companies,” says Mike Parmar of Isodiol Investor Relations.  “Therefore, we presently do not have a role in the aforementioned lawsuit or any disputes between those parties.” 

It does seem that Berry was a shareholder at one time according to a press release that stated he sold his shares. In addition to that, he appears in a video with CFN Media in which he identifies himself as the President of Isodiol. Peak Health also provided a Bloomberg company profile snapshot that listed Berry as being on the board of Isodiol. So, Isodiol seems to be distancing itself from Berry and Peak did not include Isodiol on the lawsuit, but there is still a well-documented connection.

Federal and State Offenses

The lawsuit of Peak Health Center vs. CBD Naturals includes several claims, including the federal offenses of trademark infringement, unfair competition, false designation of origin, false representation, false advertising, and violations of California Business & Professional Code and Unfair Competition Law.

Peak Health Center, holder of the trademark for “ImmunAG™”, filed the claims following a press release from CBD Naturals announcing its exclusive distribution rights of hops/humulus CBD isolate.

“We are honored to be selected as the exclusive U.S. distributor and look forward to enhancing our growing product line,” said Jared Berry, who identifies as a member of the board of CBD Naturals, in the June press release that kicked off the lawsuit.

Considered a medical breakthrough for the cannabis industry, CBD Naturals claims their developments have led to products that are the first fully legal CBD products, and prides themselves on being the first company to trademark “CBD”.

According to the complaint documents, the dispute challenges an agreement that was signed between Isodiol and Peak Health Center to distribute ImmunAG™, which did not include any exclusivity rights. Following this agreement, Jared Berry was quoted in press releases saying that Isodiol scientists had developed the kriya product. This was contrary to any agreement signed by Peak Health Center as to the origins of the hops-derived CBD trademark, and the exclusivity of the distribution rights to Isodiol.

“We are not aware of any intellectual properties in which Peak Health claims an interest being unlawfully used or relied upon by Jared Berry or the unknown entity referred to as CBD Naturals,” said Isodiol’s Parmar.

Peak Health Center, in their filing, calls Berry’s words “false and misleading to trade and consumers”.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is now the company’s only US distributors. According to this article on Seeking Alpha, Medical Marijuana lost several employees to Isodiol so there seems to be quite a bit of bad blood between these two companies.

A Strange Saga Unfolds

Following the press release, Dr. Bomi Joseph, one of the defendants in the lawsuit later filed against Berry and CBD Naturals, reportedly tried to connect with Berry to discuss the use of the kriya trademark. “I thought ‘this must be an understanding, maybe the press got it wrong,” says Dr. Bomi of Peak Health Center. “My friend then sent me Isodiol’s press release with these claims and I tried to get in touch with the company but they went dark. This is what caused me to terminate my contract with them,” he describes of the time after the press release came out.  

“Months later I received the CBD Naturals press release claiming that they were selling ‘CBD from Hops.’ We don’t use the terminology “Hops derived CBD” but it is clearly meant to refer to our product. We also have the trademark for “Kriya” and that trademark was violated by Jared Berry and CBD Naturals. I sent [Jared Berry] a “cease and desist” via email but never heard back. My lawyers tried to contact him several times but to no avail.”

Peak Health Center noted in a press release that “only press releases issued, jointly or singly, by Peak Health should be considered an authentic press release on Hops/Humulus derived CBD.”

“Peak Health has to protect both its trademarks and intellectual property – we hope that both CBD Naturals and Isodiol understands that,” says Bomi, “At this moment we do not have any new extracts planned for trademark but we hope to continue to do plant-based research and find other CBD solutions in the future.”

Isodiol is clear that they are not affiliated with CBD Naturals or Jared Berry: “To the extent, Peak Health has made fact allegations that reference Isodiol, Iso LLC, or any of the Isodiol Companies, there are many factual inaccuracies contained in the complaint.”

“While Isodiol continues to believe there are interesting opportunities concerning hops-derived cannabinoids and other medicinal compounds, such as beta-caryophyllene,” says Parmar, “Isodiol chose to shift its focus away from hops sources because the company believes there are less costly and more readily available opportunities with industrial hemp and cannabis, which are being bolstered by new positive legal developments on a regular basis.”

Where Is Jared Berry?

Recent reports from Peak Health is that Jared Berry remains somewhat enigmatic after being served. One source said he is apparently “hiding out” in an RV outside the CBD Naturals Building. While he will not respond to Peak Health Center, he is reportedly taking meetings and phone calls.

This strange lawsuit saga seems to be a game of “he said, he said, he said”, as the origin of the trademark for kriya is determined and exactly who is involved in the claimed trademark infringement.

Debra BorchardtJuly 31, 2018


Isodiol International Inc. (ISOLF) reported its annual earnings with a gross profit of C$8.8 million for the year ending March 31, 2018, which was well above last year’s gross profit of C$126,715. However, the net losses were tremendous at C$36 million versus last year’s net loss of C$4 million as the company embarked on numerous acquisitions.

Revenues for the year logged in at C$19 million, well above last year’s C$355,959. The cost of goods sold was C$10 million for the year versus last year’s C$229,243.

“Although the Company experienced tremendous growth for its Fiscal Year 2018, we strongly believe that CBD is still in its infancy stage, and we are just beginning to understand its benefits for the human body,” said CEO of Isodiol, Marcos Agramont.  “Isodiol has made significant strategic acquisitions over the last 12 months that are just now beginning to bear fruit, and the Company is well positioned as a global leader in the manufacturing, distribution, and full commercialization of hemp-derived CBD products.”

The company has a strong balance sheet of $24,069,692 in cash and acquisition deposits, which are intended to facilitate continued growth throughout Fiscal Year 2019.  In its statement, Isodiol said that it is expanding its worldwide sales force with the intention of capitalizing on the untapped market for API sales and Finished Pharmaceutical Products.

Since the closing of the year on March 31, Isodiol has acquired BSPG Laboratories, Azure Bottling LLC, and Kure Corp. It has also acquired 51% of Farmtiva and 51% of Round Mountain Technologies. It terminated its acquisition of Betru Organics. The company’s outstanding shares jumped from 3.1 million in 2017 to 20.9 million common shares outstanding.

Isodiol recently received approval for its highest-grade CBD to be designated as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient for use in Finished Pharmaceutical Products. Isodiol’s growth strategy includes the development of over-the-counter (OTC) and pharmaceutical drugs, expanding its consumer products portfolio, and aggressively continuing international expansion into Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Debra BorchardtMay 9, 2018


Here’s is your cannabis news highlights for May 9, 2018:

On The Site

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.

The Green Organic Dutchman  (TSX:TGOD) announced that it has issued an additional 4,726,500 units at $3.65 per Over-Allotment Unit raising additional aggregate gross proceeds of $17,251,725 pursuant to the exercise of the over-allotment option. This option was which was associated with the recent IPO granted to a syndicate of agents co-led by Canaccord Genuity Corp. as sole bookrunner and PI Financial Corp., and including Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., INFOR Financial Inc., Echelon Wealth Partners Inc. and Mackie Research Capital Corporation.

With the Over-Allotment Option, TGOD will have raised aggregate gross proceeds of $132,263,225 under the IPO by issuing an aggregate of 36,236,500 units of TGOD, including the Over-Allotment Units.

Moody’s New Report

A new report from Moody’s highlights the impact that legalized marijuana could have in the U.S. and Canada and the implications for other recreational substances, such as alcohol could be damning.

Moody’s estimates that marijuana could replace alcohol “on some occasions,” but spirits makers aren’t sitting on their laurels. Beer maker Constellation Brands ( STZ) purchased a 9.9 percent stake in Canopy Growth, a Canadian cannabis company. Additionally, Scotts Miracle-Gro (SMG) and leaf tobacco company Alliance One International have both acquired or invested in cannabis-related companies.

High Yield Insights Also Reports On Alcohol

In states where legalization has occurred, recreational marijuana consumers are now using far less alcohol and over-the-counter medications, according to a new report by High Yield Insights.

The consumer behavior company looked at feedback from recreational users in states where recreational cannabis is legal. They found that more than 20 percent of people who consume marijuana recreationally are using 27 percent less OTC pain relievers and 21 percent less alcoholic beverages. Those weren’t the only steep drops found, either. The report also indicated those consumers are using 22 percent fewer sleep aids, consuming 20 percent less beer, and 18 percent less wine.

In Other News

Constance Therapeutics

Constance Therapeutics, a vertically-integrated medicinal cannabis company, announces a new partnership with Kanabo Research, an Israel-based startup that develops clinical solutions for extraction and vaporization of medical cannabis.

This collaboration will bring together Constance Therapeutics’ demonstrated a long history of developing standardized and evidence-based cannabis extracts with Kanabo’s patent-protected precision dosing hardware. Under the partnership, both companies will operate in the EU to establish a cannabis cultivation farm as well as manufacturing capabilities of cannabis active compounds – THC and CBD – to be used in an array of medical treatments of ailments such as insomnia, PTSD, and chronic pain. Simultaneously, Constance Therapeutics will market Kanabo Research’s solutions in the US market, where CT has been operating since 2008.

Endexx Corporation

Endexx Corporation (EDXC), a provider of innovative phytonutrient-based food and nutritional products, has completed its acquisition of Go Green Global Enterprises Inc. to secure an international distribution hub in Jamaica for its entire array of cannabidiol (CBD) based products to key markets, among which are Canada, Europe, South and Central America and the Caribbean. By having a company based in Jamaica, Endexx can legally export its CBD products and Innovative Autospense products internationally, possibly increasing substantially its revenue and earnings.

Endexx is pursuing multiple licenses in Jamaica to establish a vertical market to grow, process, transport, dispense, sell, and export its entire array of products, both current and future. The Company’s CBD Unlimited line of cannabidiol (CBD) Cannsummable Portfolio products includes its formulated topical CBD balm and mist, travel sleep aid, teas, oils, capsules, soft chews for dogs and cats, and other products that provide key benefits to users.

Marijuana Company of America Inc.

Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) announced that it has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Global Hemp Group Inc. (GBHPF) to cultivate legal high yielding CBD from industrial hemp at its recently acquired 109-acre farm (see news release of May 1, 2018) in Scio, Oregon.

Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, MCOA and GHG  will jointly invest a total of US$1.2 million in the development of the project in 2018. Funding for the project will be done on a 50/50 basis.

Isodiol International Inc. 

Isodiol International Inc.  (ISOLF) announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Zenabis Ltd. (“Zenabis ”), one of Canada’s largest Licensed Producers, to import CBD isolate as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, into Canada from Isodiol’s GMP-certified production facility in the United Kingdom.

Root Origins

Root Origins announced today the launch of its sublingual oral CBD sprays. The peppermint-flavored sprays are available in DAY and NIGHT. The products provide an effective solution for those who find themselves limiting their activities due to aches, pains, sleeplessness or anxiety. Both sprays deliver accurate 1mg doses of CBD to deliver fast-acting relief.


Debra BorchardtMay 4, 2018


It’s time for your Daily Hit of cannabis news for May 4, 2018.

May the 4th be with you.

Aurora Cannabis, MedReleaf

The rumor mill was pretty heated with talk of a big deal between Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF) and MedReleaf (MEDFF). Both company stocks were halted as trading levels entered the “unusual trading” territory. Both companies issued statements saying that there was no deal on the table. Aurora said it engages in such talks with many companies and had even talked to MedReleaf, but there was no deal this time. Aurora is number two in the Canadian marketplace and a combination with MedReleaf would put it within shooting distance of Canopy Growth.

CannaRoyalty Corp.

CannaRoyalty Corp. (CNNRF) announced that its wholly-owned California-based distribution subsidiary, Alta Supply, generated record monthly revenue of ~US$840,000 in the month of April 2018.

The company said in a statement that the number of licensed dispensaries in California decreased from December 2017 to January 2018 as enhanced state-wide regulation was implemented concurrently with the transition to a full recreational adult-use market. As a result, fewer licensed dispensaries exist in the state today than in December 2017. This is a short-term phenomenon as operators work towards compliance. Because of this rapid market reset from December 2017 to January 2018 Alta Supply and RVR experienced a year-over-year decline in revenue at the beginning of 2018 along with their peers. However, as the April revenue figures reported today demonstrate, both companies have steadily and powerfully grown revenue even over a lower dispensary base.

 Isodiol International Inc. 

Isodiol International Inc. (ISOLF) announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Zenabis Ltd. one of Canada’s largest Licensed Producers, to import CBD isolate as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, into Canada from Isodiol’s GMP-certified production facility in the United Kingdom. Marcos Agramont, CEO of Isodiol, stated: “Isodiol is pleased to announce another supply agreement for its highest quality, pharma grade CBD isolate. Zenabis’s team is working on various R&D projects focused on developing new products and applications, and we are pleased to be a key partner in enabling this R&D process.”

William SumnerApril 26, 2018


This is your Daily Hit of cannabis news for April 26, 2018:

On The Site


Canadian-based CannaRoyalty Corp. (CNNRF) announced that one of its investee companies, Alternative Medical Enterprises, LLC often called AltMed closed a private placement financing of $35.4 million. In a company statement, CannaRoyalty said it made a $1.5 million equity investment in AltMed in 2015 and that the post-money valuation of this current financing represents a growth in value of approximately 215% for CannaRoyalty shareholders.

In Other News

Solis Tek Inc.

Solis Tek Inc. (SLTK), a Nevada-based cannabis manufacturer and distributor, announced that it has executed a letter of intent to acquire an unnamed Arizona company which will provide turn-key services for the management, administration and operation of a licensed medical marijuana cultivation and processing facility in Arizona. In preparation for the agreement, Solis Tek has entered into a long-term lease agreement in Arizona for the use of a 70,000 square foot facility, which will be developed into an advanced cannabis cultivation and processing facility.

Isodiol International Inc.

Isodiol International Inc., a company dedicated to the development and commericialization of CBD-based pharmaceuticals and wellness products, announced that its wholly owned subsidary, BSPG Laboratories LTD., has received approval from the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for the manufacturing of CBD under certificate number:UK API 48727. This approval will allow Isodiol to export CBD to almost any country in the world. “This is a huge achievement by BSPG laboratories and reflects the significant work and efforts made by the staff and management. The API registration also clearly demonstrates the commitment of BSPG Laboratories and Isodiol to manufacture the highest quality CBD currently available worldwide,” commented Dean Billington, QP Consultant of BSPG Laboratories LTD.

Kush Bottles Inc.

Kush Bottles Inc., a provider of packaging solutions and other cannabis accessories, announced that is has appointed Rodrigo de Oliveira as Vice President of Operations and Jason Vegotsky as Vice President of Sales. Additionally, the company announced that it has promoted Edd Pratt to Executive Vice President, where he will be responsible for overseeing domestic and international distribution efforts. “Building out a world-class sales organization is a top priority for us at Kush…This is a big step forward for our organization, and we’ll see this structure take hold immediately as well as folding into our the long-term growth plans,” stated Kush Bottles CEO Nick Kovacevich.

Debra BorchardtApril 6, 2018


It’s time for your Daily Hit of cannabis financial news for April 6, 2018:

On The Site:

The OTC Markets Group, which is home to most cannabis stocks, is taking the lead on identifying stock promotions for its investors. Stock promotion isn’t illegal. What is illegal is not being transparent about it. In its latest action, the OTC has set up a “Promotion flag” to warn market participants that the trading could be under suspicion. “For market forces to work, it’s got to be about providing more information so investors can make the right decisions,” said Cromwell Coulson Chief Executive Officer of the OTC Markets Group. “The companies have a responsibility to immediately address information regarding trading rumors. We’ve removed issuers because they weren’t truthful about sponsoring promotions.”

Cannabis blockchain is coming to the Empire State. On April 6, 2018, Alternate Health (AHG), a software solutions provider specializing in the medical cannabis industry, announced that it is expanding its StatePass medical cannabis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) blockchain system into New York and that physician onboarding and initial service testing has already begun.

In Other News:

Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) announced that it closed its previously announced bought deal public offering. A total of 10,420,000 common shares of Cronos Group were sold at a price of $9.60 per share for aggregate gross proceeds of approximately $100.0 million.

Delivra Corp. (TSXV: DVA) completed a non-brokered private placement through the issuance of 3,561,423 units of the company for gross proceeds of $1,246,498.20. Delivra Corp. is a specialty biotechnology company has developed a proprietary transdermal delivery system platform that can shuttle pharmaceutical and natural molecules through the skin, in a targeted manner.

Isodiol International Inc.  (ISOLF) announced that it signed a Letter of Intent with Agrima Botanicals Corp, a Canadian Licensed Producer, to import 99.5%+ pure, bioactive pharma-grade cannabidiol isolate into Canada from Isodiol’s GMP-certified production facility in the United Kingdom. Agrima intends to import up to 5,000 g of CBD isolate per month for the purposes of R&D, product formulation and production of pharma-grade derivative products.

Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) announced March 2018 total unaudited net revenue was C$1,249,670, representing a 74% revenue when compared to March 2017. Namaste’s management team also reported that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Namaste MD Inc. has acquired 535 new medical cannabis patients on the NamasteMD platform, representing a 142% month-over-month increase of patients.

Marapharm Ventures Inc. (MRPHF) said its dispensary in Desert Hot Springs, California continues to increase sales since its acquisition with weekly and monthly promotions. Furthermore, the implementation of a live inventory system has ensured accurate information is relayed in “real-time” to our existing patrons and the 3.5 million visitors to the popular Coachella Valley area.Two of our partner retailer promotions resulted in a 118% daily sales increase when compared to our daily average sales.

William SumnerMarch 26, 2018


Isodiol International Inc. (ISOL), an international company dedicated to the development of cannabidiol-based pharmaceuticals and wellness products, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, IsoBev Inc., has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Azure Bottling, LLC.

Featuring state of the art facilities, Azure was listed as one of GrowlFL’s top 50 companies in Florida to watch for economic impact and was awarded the 2017 gold medal for Best Tasting Water at the Berkeley Springs International competition under its affiliated brand AlphaPure.

With manufacturing and distribution agreements to supply water for Sysco, McArthur Dairy / Dean Foods, and Dollar General Stores throughout the United States, Azure is capable of producing 5.3 million bottles of water a month. Once the company completes space and efficiency improvements, Azure’s production capacity is expected to expand to 8.53 million bottles per month.

With a focus on growing the company’s portfolio of beverage brands, the company hopes to use its latest acquisition, as well as future endeavors, to leverage additional support and distribution for its in-house developed beverage brands. In a statement, Isodiol CEO Marcos Agramont praised this latest acquisition, calling it an important step in the company’s continued efforts to accelerate growth.

“The acquisition of the Azure water bottling facility is an important milestone for Isodiol,” said Agramont. “This facility unlocks the value of our beverage portfolio such as our CBD and hemp waters and the growth potential of some of our core business competencies. It is the next logical step in our ongoing effort to accelerate our growth trajectory and maximize value for our shareholders.”

Under the agreement, IsoBev will acquire 100% of Azure through a combination of stock and cash payments. Initially, IsoBev will pay $1 million cash upfront and then an additional $300,000 in six months. IsoBev will also pay Azure $1 million in 36 month escrowed stock, which will be based on the closing price of the company’s stock on March 26, 2018.


Debra BorchardtMarch 23, 2018


Canadian-based CBD manufacturer Isodiol International Inc. (ISOLF) announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire 100% of KURE™ Corp.  The company, a leading specialty vape retailer headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, calls itself the ‘Starbucks’ of the vape industry. The amount was not disclosed, but KURE reported unaudited annual revenues for fiscal 2018 of $8.8 million. The deal is expected to close by the end of April 2018.

KURE has tried to differentiate itself from other vape shops by creating the KURE Vaporium & Lounge, a retail environment, and lounge catering to the vaping community. The company operates a total of twelve e-juice bars and lounges today, with plans for international expansion.

“We believe KURE to be the Starbucks (SBUX) of the specialty retail vape industry,” said  Craig Brewer, Chairman & CEO of KURE Corp. ” With over 200,000 customer transactions per year and growing, KURE’s knowledge base in the vape industry is exceptional. In joining the Isodiol family, we will now be able to provide our devout customers the very best CBD products on the market.”

KURE specializes in the retailing of vaporizers and e-cigarettes, e-juices, and related accessories. Its products are available online and throughout its store locations across the United States. KURE Vaporium & Lounge, KURE Society, Kuriousity, Kurators are all respective trademarks of KURE  Corp. Its e-Juices can be purchased pre-bottled or freshly mixed by its staff of “Kurators”, well-trained and experienced mixologists who can “blend” over 500,000 unique flavors from the KURE Juice On Tap bar.

“KURE’s executives are highly experienced business entrepreneurs that have done a tremendous job in building the KURE™ brand,” said Marcos Agramont, Chief Executive Officer of Isodiol.  “Not only does this further entrench our footprint in the vaping and e-cigarette industry, but through KURE retail stores, the Company will set up its own distribution channels for its family of brands, including ISO-Sport and Be Tru Wellness.”

“When we acquired Bradley’s Bioscience, we were excited about the prospects of providing safer alternatives to smoking, while at the same time being able to enter a market poised to be worth over $60 billion by 2025,” said Agramont.   “With this partnership, we will further entrench our footprint in this fast-growing industry, and we look forward to the global opportunities it presents for the Company.”

Isodiol stock was lately trading at 90 cents, down from its 52-week high of $1.69.

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