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Jack SmithJanuary 31, 2018


As the cannabis market continues to grow and investors and consumers become more attached to certain brands, Jane West is looking to capitalize on that. And give investors a chance to profit from its growth.

The company announced it has launched its first equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic, a crowdfunding platform, as it looks to raise $1.07 million by April 20th, a date that perhaps is no coincidence.

In a statement, CEO Jane West said the crowdfunding campaign, which gives investors the opportunity to own equity in the company for as little as $100, democratizes the investment process.

“The majority of Americans support legalization, but very few people beyond institutional investors and very wealthy individuals have opportunities to participate financially in the cannabis industry,” West said. “Cannabis is for everyone, and the ability to participate financially should be too. Through equity crowdfunding, we’re able to democratize the incredible financial opportunity available in cannabis. We want everyone, regardless of their resources or background, to be part of the most important new industry to emerge in our lifetime.”

West is renowned in the cannabis industry for creating Edible Events and Women Grow, a website dedicated towards women networking in the industry. With her own brand, West is looking to create cannabis-centric products for a number of areas, including accessories and curated goods.

The company originally had a minimum goal of raising $25,000, but it has since surpassed that. Jane West, which generates revenue via product sales and branded packaging, said it would use the money it raises “to capture the incredible opportunity to provide mainstream cannabis consumers across the U.S. and internationally with the accessories and products that will allow them to connect with the cannabis plant.” The company has previously raised $1 million from investors.

Support for legalization of marijuana has trended higher in recent years, with 61 percent of Americans in favor of it according to a 2018 study from Pew Research. However, Jane West notes that investment opportunities have not followed suit, noting only 2 percent of individuals can participate in the space, with most opportunities going to institutional shareholders.

Presently, the legal cannabis market is valued at approximately $8 billion. But experts expect that to surge over the next few years, reaching a value of $31.4 billion by 2021, making it important that investors are able to participate in the growth.

Debra BorchardtDecember 29, 2017


Jane West has reinvented herself several times already. She was an early event planner for cannabis. She co-founded Women Grow. Now she is launching her own cannabis accessory and product business called naturally Jane West.

Her real name is Amy Partridge B. D., but everyone has been calling her by her nom de plume for years. Plus, Ms. D. prefers to keep her legal name private and doesn’t want to disclose it for privacy concerns. This is fairly unusual as most cannabis industry executives have no problem using their given names.

Having said that, she recently launched her website JaneWest.com as she has embarked on expanding her cannabis accessories line. Her signature product began as a line of cobalt blue glass pipes, but she wanted to move beyond the blue pipes to create a sophisticated line of smoking tools that were more mobile than glass pipes.

She teamed up with an exclusive design partner who is known for the iconic Rabbit wine opener to create three different one-hit products. “The Classic” resembles a flask made of aluminum that stores the flower and has a taster that pops out from a spring-loaded chamber. Priced at $58, it is the most masculine design in her Jane West Collection and the top seller. “The Compact” is priced at $48 and mimics a cosmetics case. There is room for 2 different strains of flower, a taster, a pick and even a lighter. “The Wand” is about the size of a tube of mascara that holds enough flower for one evening and is priced at $38.

In addition to selling accessories, West is also the Chief Executive Officer of Jane West the company which is moving into branded flower. Her Jane West strains are noted for either a sunshine or moon icon as a way to quickly tell the consumer whether the product is indica or sativa. “Our evening strain is mind clearing,” said West. “It helps clear your mind of all those thoughts that keep you up.” The product can now be found in six stores in Colorado.


The Jane West Backstory

West got into the cannabis industry in 2013 when she started her company Edible Events and began holding events in 2014. She was producing monthly events at art galleries and upscale locations. She partnered with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra to produce special events which put her name on the map due to the enormous publicity it received. Unfortunately, she also lost her real job as a result of the heavy press coverage and monthly cannabis events were did not generate enough money to support her.

Her newfound celebrity did generate interest from other women who sought her out for advice. As more women approached her, the idea for Women Grow was hatched. West felt local people would be best served by connecting with other local people and that was her original idea for Women Grow. Now the group is in 35 different cities. West left Women Grow in July of 2016 to totally commit herself to the Jane West. In a sign of her continued support for women’s businesses, West works with female owned and operated facilities when choosing her Jane West flower.

At one time in her life, she didn’t envision herself as a CEO, but now West says she fully embraces her title as Chief Executive Officer. She isn’t concerned that the name Jane West will be perceived as a women-only brand and believes men will not be turned off by the name. “It is a female plant at the end of the day,” she said. The packaging is very neutral, so it doesn’t look like a girly product.

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