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Emerson BrownOctober 3, 2017


Have you thought about it yet, the future of cannabis product placement in hip-hop? It’s already happening as cannabis product pushers will be planting its current $7 billion dollar roots into the culture of hip-hop. With hip-hop already being shaped and approved by the likes of Mercedes, Sprite, Adidas, Versace, and many other US and International companies, expect and get comfortable with the growth and awareness this duo will bring to our new world.

This is a brave new world of product placement using the hip-hop forum as an important source to reach the cannabis consumers. The latest is an exclusive deal with hip-hop artist Kurupt and Friday Night Inc. Kurupt is bringing his brand The Real Kurupt’s Moon Rock into Nevada with an exclusive license to Friday Night Inc. to grow, process and distribute the brand. According to the company’s statement, “The agreement is comprised of a two-year, renewable, exclusive manufacturing, sales, and distribution license for the State of Nevada. The arrangement allows for cross-marketing from both the Kurupt and AMA brands by each marketing team.”

Several brands have failed and succeeded when it comes to product placement within the hip-hop culture. Many companies like Cookies, Jungle Boys, Exotikz, and Reef have already collaborated to ensure a solid hold on the cannabis industry. They realize now that progress is the only option and the mind set isn’t why not – it’s more like how high and when. These leading companies have already proven the mix of music and retail alongside a signature or extract is the beginning of what’s next, so be anticipate a flood of future companies and investors to try the duplication of this newfound business model.

Take Atlanta-based rapper PeeWee Longway for instance, who on his recent mixtape Blue M&M 3 has a track entitled “Gelato” a popular strain on today’s market of cannabis consumers. So again, the day is coming when investors will be diagramming a way to cash in on cannabis using the lyrics from the lips of your most culturally relevant artist, because with no sign of hip-hop nor cannabis letting up when it comes to creating capital and influencing our global economy towards a new direction. The question must be asked how will this inevitable merger using product placement propel both sides?

DJ Khaled’s recent video “I’m The One” featured a key product placement of a KandyPens vape pen. This video has nabbed over 737 million views. That is a super successful way to get around the restrictions that cannabis products face with mainstream advertising.

So with that being said the question still stands – will this extension of cannabis product placement within hip-hop create the next wave of acceptance and exposure to those who don’t know, but have the power to buy, because unlike any other of your household names in product placement. This new flux of companies entering into the fold will not only bring with them consistent cash but a vision that will culturally shift the boardroom to the basement of music, retail, and economics forever.

The excitement comes with uncertainty and the product comes with an effect. So is our current global economy prepared for this elevation and normalization of cannabis? And is hip-hop fully equipped to take another product to a new phase of global appeal? Maybe so, maybe not, but one thing’s for sure the smoke is about to clear as the cannabis cash keeps rolling in.

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Unpack the industry with the daily cannabis newsletter for business leaders.