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StaffOctober 9, 2019


Can cannabis be kosher? The short answer is yes, at least if you smoke it. According to, “The answer really depends on how you define the word “kosher. Most narrowly defined, kosher means that it contains no ingredients that were from non-kosher animals, milk and meat, or other substances proscribed by Jewish law.”

“On the other hand, if it would be processed and contain other additives, as appears to be the case, kosher certification would be necessary. If the marijuana is not deemed medically necessary by halachah (Jewish law)—as may often be the case with medical marijuana—then like vitamins, you’d need to be sure that it is kosher before partaking. Now, the above issue applies only if the substance would be ingested. If smoked or injected, most kosher concerns would not apply.”

Vireo Health announced it was the world’s first kosher medical marijuana supplier, under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. It is not clear whether the company’s product will be allowed for Passover use. “Being certified kosher by the OU will not only help us serve the dietary needs of the largest Jewish community in the United States but also combat unfortunate stigmas associated with medical cannabis,” said Ari Hoffnung, Chief Executive Officer of Vireo Health of New York. “By getting our entire product line certified as kosher, we send an important message to New Yorkers of all faiths and backgrounds that using medical cannabis to alleviate pain and suffering does not in any way represent an embrace of ‘pot’ culture. Patients should never feel guilty or ashamed for using a product recommended by their physicians.”

Here’s a couple of certified Kosher edibles that will put HIGH in your High Holiday celebrations.

The Tinley Beverage Company– Tinley’s makers believe it’s time for a new, delicious way to enjoy the smoke-free benefits of cannabis. The Tinley team recently received the Rabbinical Kosher seal of approval for their production. This non-alcoholic drink contains fast-onset cannabis distillate combined with premium essences of spirits, liqueurs, and terpenes for a full-flower effect and great flavor. The Tinley Tonics and Tinley ’27 Elixirs are lower in sugar and calories than their alcoholic beverage counterparts. Tinley contains 5mg micro-dose of premium Pineapple Jack sativa THC per serving.

Fruit Slabs– Fruit Slabs, makers of organic, vegan, cannabis-infused fruit strip edible, ensures every ingredient, food process, equipment, and machinery have met all kosher standards. The kosher certification is on flavors Pride Passion and Tropical Haze. Fruit Slabs’ additional flavors, Grape Ape, Mango Maui Wowie and OG Mango will be certified kosher and available throughout participating California dispensaries before the end of 2019. All kosher Fruit Slabs packaging features the certified kosher seal.

Tinley products are available for delivery through Chill. Tinley Tonics retail at $24 for a pack of four 5mg single-serving bottles and Tinley ‘27 Elixirs retail at $30. Full-size 100mg Fruit Slabs retail for $20 and Pride Passion mini 10mg Fruit Slabs retail for $5. Kosher Fruit Slabs are available at the following California dispensaries: Exhalence in Sun Valley, Mankind Cooperative in San Diego, The Lift in Long Beach, Rose Collective in Venice and MMD in Marina del Rey.

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Unpack the industry with the daily cannabis newsletter for business leaders.