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Debra BorchardtDebra BorchardtFebruary 9, 2018


Congress shut down the government for a moment, but then our representatives in D.C. agreed on a 2-year framework for a budget and the government was back in business. Wrapped into this budget agreement was a vote to renew the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. This legislation protects states with legal medical marijuana from prosecution by the Department of Justice (DOJ) by denying them from spending money on enforcement.

The two years isn’t a done deal because for the next six weeks details in the budget will be hammered out with March 23 as another date to look towards voting on the budget. Yet, it keeps getting included and each time that happens, it becomes more and more secure

The federal budget decides how much money each department gets to spend and the Department of Justice gets lumped in with all the other departments. This particular amendment prevents the DOJ from spending any of the money it gets towards enforcing federal marijuana laws against businesses and individuals in states that have legalized medical marijuana.

Each time the budget has been up for a vote, the cannabis industry would begin biting its nails. Would they include it again? Would this be the year they kick it to the curb and open the money train back up to Attorney General Jeff Sessions? There was even a fear that if the government shut down and the amendment was technically no longer in effect, the DOJ could quickly begin raiding companies in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and more.

There are multiple pieces of legislation that have been written to address issues with the cannabis industry. From outright legalization to more cherry-picked items like banking or veterans access to medical marijuana. Yet, before a piece of legislation can be passed, it must be voted on and in order for it to be voted on the Rules Committee must allow the bill to go to the floor for a vote. The makeup of the committee is skewed towards the majority party – in the case, the Republicans.

The Republicans consistently vote along party lines and refuse to allow any of the legislation get to the floor for a vote. So, the only recourse the legislators have is this amendment.

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