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Emerson BrownFebruary 19, 2018


The President of the United States has always been a position held with honor and prestige but most importantly it has been a seat that can persuade, promote and bring about awareness to topics that have been overlooked or even hidden from the eyes of most American people. It was once said, to understand your future you must know your past and according to most writers of American history, it’s safe to say at one point in American history hemp/marijuana was held in high regard for its lucrative placement economically, socially and not to forget its medical uses.

It is the honorable position of president that can carefully intertwine or unlock the importance of hemp/marijuana within the free fabric of the America culture. Like most products of value, hemp/marijuana brought with it a steady stream of cash flow and that influx of cash would only go to the pockets of those that cultivated or traded hemp/marijuana. In turn, leaving many on the outside trying to find ways to get on board or disrupt this flow of production. Profits that only a few American farmers and businessman were able to capitalize on.

America has and always will be a land of restricting corporate laws and profit-driven headlines, so there’s no one really to blame for the propaganda of the past that shorted hemp/marijuana from becoming one of the world’s most widely used and beneficial earth grown products. Yes, people often write about how George Washington grew huge fields of hemp and kept a nice detailed grow log. Yes, people have documented how Thomas Jefferson smuggled hemp seeds out of France and China just because he couldn’t resist the benefits. Yes, American historians have recorded how James Madison was heard to say that smoking hemp/marijuana inspired him greatly to pen the Declaration of Independence.

These presidents benefited from cannabis. Even the presidents that fought against marijuana used that fight to their benefit.

Today is President’s Day 2018 and this prestigious position is being held by businessman Donald Trump. I believe that it all comes down to money and this president because he’s a businessman will leave the industry alone.

Franklin wasn’t a president, so it’s not about the Benjamin’s. Instead, it’s about the Jackson’s.

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