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Noemi GonzalesOctober 9, 2020


“Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree

Meditation and cannabis/psychedelic use is one of those dynamic duo combinations that will go down in history like peanut butter and jelly so it is fascinating to dive into just what “Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree has to offer on this topic.

This book takes great care to explore the insights gained from these psychedelic experiences and the differences between our perceptions of reality and the world around while under the influence versus how we see the world when not under the influence.

It is also worth noting that the author indicates that all profits from this book are sent to charity.

Let’s take a look at “Stoner Mediation” for ourselves and analyze our own realities from there!

-Topic Focus-

The primary focus of this book is for the attainment of a  lower degree of enlightenment for regular stoners via the use of psychedelics and marijuana.

The type of meditation style that this book takes a look at is known as “calm abiding” and is more intent upon exploring enlightenment as opposed to diving into the more esoteric nature of religions and their relationships with meditation.


It has long been discussed that there is merit to utilizing psychedelics for meditation and internal exploration but this book does a fascinating job of teaching the novice how to combine the two to begin the journey toward attaining enlightenment for one’s self.

About the Author

Now here’s an interesting “About the Author” for you! Withered Tree is not an individual but rather is a collective non-sectarian group that adheres to Buddhist ideals.

They have a meditation center in Michigan where they focus on guiding people toward discovering their own internal enlightenment via guided mediation sessions, discussion groups, and more.

Their group sessions are temporarily restricted due to COVID but will likely resume soon so if you are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, and are interested in learning more then be sure to keep up with them.

-Reading Experience-

It is quite refreshing to see content on the market that can approach the topic of meditation without diving deeply into religious rhetoric.

The flow of the book is solid and it does a great job of tackling complex and ambiguous concepts by explaining them in a fashion that is far more approachable for us novices and those not as familiar with the subject at hand.

Whether or not you believe for yourself in the more esoteric nature of mediation and psychedelics or simply wish to explore what others have to say on the topic then this book can help you to see a unique perspective on the subject.


It is interesting to explore a book on such a fascinating topic that was put together by a non-sectarian collective who is not shy or scared to publicly explore the relationship between psychedelics and meditation.

The authors are clearly passionate about the subject and well versed when it comes to their understanding and study of Buddhist text.

If you are looking to begin your own journey toward enlightenment via psychedelic nd marijuana use then you can your own copy of “Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree here:



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