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StaffNovember 25, 2020


Editors note: This is a guest post.

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a package once a month with interesting surprises waiting to be revealed. It’s even more fun when it’s a goodie crate themed to your personality and interests. 

It’s not a new concept, but it is becoming more popular as time goes on. If you’re not sure why signing up for a subscription box is a good idea, take a look at the host of benefits we discovered.

Element of Surprise

Unwrapping a gift is an exciting and joyful experience, and let’s face it, we all need a Me Time Box once in a while. Imagine having these feelings of giddy anticipation whenever your package arrives at the door. 

When you sign up for a service, it’s because you’re already interested in the items on offer. It could be a certain genre that it focuses on, such as movie superheroes. Or it could be useful things such as a beauty box offer that’ll send you makeup every month. 

You know that you’ll receive your package, but the beauty of a subscription box is that you never know upfront what you’ll find inside. The fun part is opening it up and going through the items one by one. 


The subscription box business model operates on the premise that the client gets the benefit due to the provider’s bulk buying power. In other words, what you pay every month for your package is less than the value of the items inside

It’s a wonderful way to enjoy amazing products at a discounted rate. The companies will often get samples from suppliers and then add them to the box at no added cost. It’s a unique way to try new brands before buying them in the store. 

Convenient and Discreet Shopping

While some services focus on novelties, others offer products that you use daily. Think of categories such as beauty and grooming, clothing and accessories, or even food. By signing up for the monthly subscription, you’ll save time and money by not having to travel to the shops to purchase these items. 

It’ll also help you stay within your budget as you won’t be tempted to buy on impulse. The packages are discreetly shipped with no trace of any branding or clues about the content. So there’s no need for your neighbors to know your habits and lifestyle. 


Many companies allow clients to tailor design their subscription box service. It’s particularly useful for items such as clothing, toiletries, and food. You can choose what you’d prefer to receive and which products don’t suit your preferences. 

If, for example, you sign up for a monthly snack box and you’re allergic to nuts, you can let the company know, and they’ll substitute with something different. These types of customizations are changeable at any time. 

This means that if you’d like to try something new or different, you can change your crate preferences for the next order.

Something for Everyone

Certain subscription boxes are targeted towards a gender, for example, beard care products for men. In contrast, others are less specific and will usually have something for everybody. 

Most times, the gifts are unisex and are compatible with the season in which you’ll be getting your box. It makes receiving your crate that much more fun since you can share it with friends and family. 

Final Thoughts

Subscription boxes are fun and filled with surprises. It’s one of the primary reasons that many people sign up for the service. The boxes are also cost-effective as the price you pay is usually less than the value of the goods you receive. 

Getting your package delivered to the front door every month is a convenient way of shopping without ever having to leave your home. Most companies allow clients to customize their subscriptions to suit their preferences. 

An added benefit is that many subscription boxes have gender-neutral products, which means you can share the fun and excitement with friends and family.


Julie AitchesonSeptember 18, 2020


Weed-related subscriptions have jumped by an eye-popping 550% on the subscription box service Cratejoy during the pandemic, and box companies like Hemp Crate Co., Cure Crate, and The Stoney Babe Box are at the forefront of this surging popularity. Cratejoy offers subscription boxes for any enthusiasm, need, or DIY endeavor (current picks include lesson planning boxes to make in-home schooling less onerous and multiple iterations of the “date night” theme). Covid-19 has been a major driver of the subscription box boom, allowing Cratejoy and the weed companies it features to cash in on cannabis in a big way.

Hemp Crate, Cure Crate, and The Stoney Babe Box profit from their great reviews, built-out listings, and artsy photos showcasing what to expect in each delivery. These companies are actively engaged with the Cratejoy platform when it comes to customer reviews and questions, but it takes more than photos and customer care to hit 550% growth, pandemic or no.

Hemp Crate Co., which bills itself as “the #1 CBD subscription service” and recently launched a low income, long-term disability and veteran assistance program, offers boxes on Cratejoy starting at $44.99 per month and has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. With high marks from shipping to price to curation, cannabis consumers seem to love their monthly, quarterly, or biannual deliveries from Hemp Crate. Founded in 2018 in response to a lack of transparency and education in the CBD industry, Hemp Crate Co. dedicated itself to providing quality organic products from reputable manufacturers, incorporating transparency and consumer education every step of the way.

Cure Crate, which offers a quiz for subscribers that helps them find the right CBD products for their needs, gets glowing reviews on Cratejoy for attention to customer education and a fine-tuned focus on customization. Cure Crate’s process takes aim at the erroneous assumption that one-size-fits all in terms of formulations, offering a personalized service to help those with a range of allergies, dosage tolerances, and a wide variety of conditions find the right combination of products for each delivery. Cure Crate also offers a discount program for those facing financial hardship and donates a portion of its proceeds to The Last Prisoner Project, an innovative approach to clemency and re-entry programs for cannabis offenders.

The Stoney Babe Box is also no slouch when it comes to sales or civic responsibility. The company maintains a focus on “feminine souls who admire hemp and love smoking”. Every box contains artisanal products selected to be “unique and feminine” from small, women-owned businesses. With plans starting as low as $30 per month and reviews that give Hemp Crate and Cure Crate a run for their money, The Stoney Babe Box offers hand-crafted smoking accessories as well as daily necessities like grinders and rolling papers.

With these three companies leading the pack of weed-related subscription boxes and no end in sight to pandemic-driven demand, the ascent of cannabis-inspired care packages is poised to continue its current trajectory. 

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