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StaffJuly 15, 2019


Thomas came to CannaTrac® with a long list of attributes. His previous business experience includes over 18 years in residential and commercial real estate finance. During this time, he managed a corporate office along with 4 out-of-state offices and was responsible for over 100 employees. 

His professional marketing and advertising experience started in 2005, where he assisted with the development of an improved marketing campaign for 14 publications. He saw a niche and this led him to start T E G Resources, Ltd., in late 2007, where he provided marketing consulting to small-medium sized businesses looking to expand within their market and become more efficient. 

Gavin started as a consultant for CannaTrac Technology in September of 2015, assisting with marketing. After helping retool the layout of the company’s marketing plan, the company hired him as the Director of Marketing in February of 2016 and promoted him to COO in May of 2017. While in his position as COO, he established relationships throughout the industry and beyond. In January of 2019, the Board of Directors appointed him to the position of CEO.

Since he took the chair over CannaTrac has exploded, becoming first to market in multiple industries and making history. Through innovative marketing strategies and the excellent network he has established, Gavin has brought CannaTrac into the limelight and is moving closer and closer to making the company the go-to payment solution for cashless transactions.

GMR Executive Spotlight Q&A – 

Full birth name: Thomas E. Gavin IV

Title: Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Company: CannaTrac® Technology, Inc.

Years at current company: 4

Education profile: Gavin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Governors State University and is currently certified by the Independent Community Bankers of America as a Business Analysis Professional (CBAP).

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: Prior to joining the cannabis industry, Gavin gained valuable business and financial experience in his almost two decades in residential and commercial real estate finance, which included the management of over 100 employees. Following his time in the real estate industry, Gavin founded TEG Resources, Ltd. There, he used his business and marketing skills to assist many small to medium companies in enhancing efficiency and expanding into successful businesses. Finally, seeing an opportunity in an industry he is passionate about that merged his finance background with his unique ability to grow small businesses into successful ventures, he joined CannaTrac®.

Company Mission: CannaTrac®’s main mission is promoting safety within the cannabis industry through its cashless payment solution, the CannaCard®. The CannaCard® comes in both a physical card and a mobile app to encourage use through consumer convenience and remove cash from the cannabis industry. The Company also provides the cannabis industry with highly-vetted background checks through its company, FIRST, Inc, to strengthen trust between banks and cannabis companies. CannaTrac® educates both financial institutions and cannabis companies on how to work within the complicated federal regulatory framework to enhance partnerships that result in overall increased industry safety.

Company’s most successful achievement: CannaTrac® has recently announced a few large accomplishments, including placing CannaCard® loading stations in 18,000 locations, integration into the Adilas point-of-sale(POS) system, which serves more than 900 cannabis-related businesses, and a handheld POS system with popular payment service provider, NEXGO. Most notably, the Company has become the first-ever cannabis company to sponsor a red carpet event, including the Grammy Awards®, Oscars®, the Golden Globes® and Los Angeles Metropolitan Fashion Week.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): Yes

If so, how much?: $3.1 Million

Any plans on raising capital in the future? Yes

Most important company 5 year goal: CannaTrac’s most important 5 year goals are to expand the brand into multiple countries and be recognized as the cannabis industry’s #1 cashless payment solution.


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