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StaffMarch 26, 2020


DaVinci has been leading the vaporizer market for almost 10 years (the company launched its original vaporizer in 2012). Founder Cortney Smith (Cort) is known for engineering vaporizer devices that set the industry standard.  When Apple banned vaping apps, his team created the first on-device dosage control in just 3 days, to make sure every user has access to their dosage information. Cort has a vision for clean, responsibly built vaporizer devices that can put the cannabis industry at the forefront of mainstream consumer technology.

Executive Spotlight: Cortney Smith, CEO, and founder, DaVinci

Title: Founder, Inventor, and Chief Executive Officer

Company: DaVinci

Years at current company: Nine; I founded DaVinci in 2011.

Education profile: Graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Chinese and International Relations.

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: Before becoming a cannabis entrepreneur, I brought bungee jumping to China in the 1990s. I moved to China as part of my college education, and in 1991 I founded Bungee International, which designed, manufactured and installed large-scale theme park attractions across China. Bungee International became the world’s largest bungee jumping company, with over 2 million jumpers and 70 locations throughout Asia. My passion for extreme sports also led me to produce China’s first X Games event in 1998.

Company Mission: I founded DaVinci with the desire to change the world’s imagination of what is possible for plant-based wellness. Drawing from my history in manufacturing and hardware design, DaVinci’s mission is to innovate cannabis consumer tech while bringing responsible consumption to the forefront.

Company’s most successful achievement: We continue to design and produce new advanced devices that cannabis consumers deserve while tackling the challenges of the vaporizer market. From the 2019 vaping injury outbreak to the Apple App Store ban on vaporizer apps, we’ve weathered quite a few obstacles just in the past year.

Fortunately, our team has built responsibly from the start with clean, medical-grade hardware—and we have the ability to pivot at a moment’s notice. We started 2020 with the launch of the DaVinci IQ2. Our engineers designed an exceptional portable device that works with both flower and concentrates, and has new features that really resonated with cannabis aficionados. To overcome Apple’s app ban, for example, we developed the world’s first Load Your Own & Know Your Dose feature that gives consumers their dosage information right on the device. And the IQ2’s adjustable airflow is another innovation for which we’ve received a lot of positive feedback.

Necessity is the mother of invention. When you’re an inventor, you need to believe that anything is possible with human ingenuity. Without that inventor mindset, you don’t open yourself up to the new solutions that must be created in times of uncertainty. The cannabis companies that will succeed are the companies with a culture of possibility. That’s how you win in a market that faces as many barriers as cannabis does.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): No, we have no debt and have always operated as a boot-strapped organization.

Any plans on raising capital in the future? Yes, we will be seeking capital in the future to aid in the expansion of the company.

Most important company 5-year goal: Consumers need quality cannabis brands they can trust. As the leading vaporizer brand, DaVinci has a responsibility to continue our legacy of safety and innovation in everything we do, and that comes from delivering a consistent product experience, whether that’s our debut Classic vaporizer that’s still on the market or a more recent model. Our goal for the next five years is to expand our product offerings while building brand loyalty and trust that we’re already known for. From the IQ2 to other new product categories we have in the works, we’re supporting cannabis consumers and moving the market forward for years to come.

StaffMarch 24, 2020


Shannon Reed is a brand marketer with a decade of experience building global consumer focused brands. She’s worked on some of the largest brands in the world including Samsung, Google, Tinder and Bacardi.

Throughout her career Shannon has focused on marketing based on deep consumer insights, helping to launch first of its kind digital experiences for Google Star Wars as well as Tinder’s Swipe Night.

GMR Executive Spotlight Interview:

Full Name: Shannon Reed

Title: VP of Marketing

Company: Omura 

Years at current company: Less than 1 year

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: I have a deep love of technology and have had the honor of working with some absolutely amazing technology brands delivering first of its kind products with Google, Samsung and Tinder.

Company Mission: At its heart Omura is a technology brand, founded by flower enthusiasts. Omura’s mission is to lead heat-not-burn technology innovation by delivering the cleanest whole flower vaping experience. 

Company’s most successful achievement: Development of our proprietary technology for the entire Omura Platform. We’ve created patented technology for our flower sticks, the method to fill our flower sticks, the filling equipment as well as the heat-not-burn technology within the oven itself.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): We’ve successfully raised $5 million in capital in the last year. 

Any plans on raising capital in the future? Yes. 

Most important company 5 year goal: We want to take the Omura platform global and become the go to brand for vaporization of whole flower. This will allow us to create a new category for consumers that focuses on the best way to vaporize whole flower. 

StaffJanuary 7, 2020


Compatible With Most 510 Cartridges, Includes 400mAh Battery, USB-C; Quick Wireless Charging In 40 Minutes

January 7, 2020 – Toronto, ON /AxisWire/ TOQi (, creators of cannabis technology products, has launched the industry’s first wireless charging 510 thread vaporizer battery. The TOQi 510 comes with an industry-leading 400mAh battery, twice the size of most currently available vaporizers, and is equipped with Qi charging technology, enabling it to charge wirelessly on TOQi’s Wireless Charging Pad or other Qi-equipped products such as a Samsung Galaxy Note10 PowerShare. The TOQi 510 is now available for pre-orders at mytoqi.comfor $79.95 USD and will begin shipping January 13, 2020.

The TOQi 510 thread distillate compatible device includes a built-in USB-C port, 3 power settings, precision CNC for accurate airflow, ability to lock/unlock directly on the device and a smooth, stone-like finish design.

“TOQi was built to always be ready when you need it and provide the most convenient cannabis vaporizer experience on the market, eliminating any worries about losing custom chargers,” said Drew Henson, CEO, TOQi. “We created TOQi to combine convenience and reliability with a sleek, cutting-edge design so people can vape with confidence and look good doing so.”

In addition, TOQi is launching two wireless charging devices, compatible with the TOQi 510. The TOQi Wireless Charging Pad and TOQi Wireless Power Bank are available for $29.95 and $19.95 USD. For pre-orders through January 9, 2020, customers will receive a special discount of all three items – the TOQi 510 vaporizer, the Wireless Charging Pad and the Wireless Power Bank – for only $79.95 USD, a savings of $50.

TOQi will be unveiled at the Lift & Co. Cannabis ExpoJanuary 9-11, 2020 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Visitors to the event will experience the TOQi 510 in person, as well as purchase the product and accessories at a discount by visiting booth 923. Henson will also speak on an industry panel on January 11 at 1:30pm on the main stage.

TOQi comes from Toronto-based design studio Twenty2b, whose previous products include the Lotus by SEAM, a personal safety wearable that was a finalist for SXSW’s Interactive Innovation awards in 2019. Founder/CEO Drew Henson is an award-winning designer with more than one dozen products on the market, including past designs for Drift Innovation action cameras which were deployed on the International Space Station.

About TOQi

Founded by award-winning designers, TOQi creates premium industry leading cannabis consumption technology from their headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. TOQi believes that attention to detail and user experience are of the utmost importance. For more information, visit TOQi does not produce, manufacture or distribute cannabis. Not for sale to minors.

AxisWireMay 3, 2019



The Indose vaporizer measures and displays exact dosage in real-time, down to the milligram, for a customized and controlled cannabis experience.

NEW YORK, NY., May 3rd, 2019 /AxisWire/ – Indose, a groundbreaking precise dosage vaporizer, today announced it has closed a $3.5 million Series A round led by Casa Verde Capital. The California-based venture capital firm, which focuses exclusively on the cannabis industry, boasts a diverse portfolio of leading businesses such as Metrc, Dutchie, Vangst, Green Bits, LeafLink and more.

Indose brings to market a proprietary metered vape pen technology that measures the precise dose — down to the milligram — of THC delivered with every draw. As a person inhales, their dosage is shown in real-time on an LED display that ranges from .05 MG to 4 MG, creating an individualized, controlled cannabis vaping experience. The device is a drastic improvement over existing vaporizers on the market that provide either no control over dosage, or a one-size-fits-all approach using timers to deliver the same dose to everyone.

“Dosage control is key to an effective and consistent cannabis experience, and there is no such thing as a universal dosage that is right for everyone,” said Indose co-founder and CEO Benzi Ronen. “We created Indose to address the critical gap we observed with first-generation vaporizers that guestimate dosage based on draw time or by moderating the temperature of the heating element. There is no universal dosage amount that is consistent to everyone regardless of their stature, experience or tolerance level. Dosage needs to be modified to each individual based on their receptors, body attributes and desired effects. With people using cannabis for therapeutic reasons in mind, we’ve developed a science-backed delivery system that’s both precise and personalized.”

Following three years of intensive research and development (and 15 filed patents) the Indose vaporizer features two proprietary sensors which take 10 measurements per second to calculate the precise milligrams of THC and CBD being inhaled by the user. This dosage is presented on the device in real time via an easy to read LED display. Whereas less sophisticated dosage-driven vapes deliver a “standard dose” between 2 and 3 MG, Indose allows users to micro-dose in .05 MG increments.

Indose is democratizing this medical-grade device at an affordable price point. The vaporizer retails for less than $70, is recyclable, and comes paired with some of the world’s top cannabis oil brands — further customizing the experience. Indose is currently available in select pilot dispensaries in California and will announce a large-scale distribution partnership this summer.

“With decades of combined experience in product development and manufacturing, the Indose team was uniquely positioned to develop this innovative new technology,” said Karan Wadhera, Managing Partner of Casa Verde Capital. “We believe precise, self-regulated and responsible dosage will be the next frontier in vape delivery systems, and Indose is ahead of the curve with a device that brings medical precision to the mainstream.”

Vaporizers are currently the fastest growing segment in cannabis, according to market research company ArcView. By next year, the vape segment of the legal marijuana industry in the United States is expected to more than triple to $3.9 billion. By 2021, vape sales are predicted to surge to a total of $5.2 billion — accounting for 25% of the entire industry.

This $3.5 million raise will go towards expanding partnerships with cannabis oil manufacturers and brands across the country, increasing the size of the R&D team, filing for additional patents, and pursuing medical device certification.

For more information, please visit

About Indose

Indose is the world’s first real-time, metered precise dosage vaporizer, co-founded by tech entrepreneur and Farmigo CEO Benzi Ronen and brothers Ari and Dani Freeman. Together, they have launched dozens of products to thousands of retailers worldwide, raising over $100 MM in financing.

About Casa Verde

Casa Verde Capital (“CVC”) is the leading venture capital firm focusing exclusively on the cannabis industry. As both the domestic and international cannabis markets continue to evolve and mature, CVC maintains a view that the cannabis industry will be among the most compelling investment themes of our generation.

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