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StaffMarch 8, 2022


Privately-held mortgage real estate investment trust company Pelorus Equity Group has provided $16.975 million in non-dilutive real estate debt financing to Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals for the purchase of a new facility located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Royal Emerald is a DEA-registered, specialty pharmaceutical company working to research and produce federally compliant THC and CBD-based medicine for veterans and first responders. As one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the nation to receive federal licenses to research, manufacture, import, and distribute substances with THC and CBD, Royal Emerald will be able to ship its medical cannabis products across state lines and into international jurisdictions upon completion of the Desert Hot Springs Facility.

“The opportunity to partner with Royal Emerald is truly a one-of-a-kind transaction for us,” said Dan Leimel, CEO of Pelorus Equity Group, and manager of the Pelorus Fund. “This new high-tech facility will be built to the strict requirements of the regulated pharmaceutical industry and will be the site of exciting new THC and CBD-based medical research to provide much-needed alternative therapeutics to veterans and first responders. We believe their work will be hugely impactful on the development of the pharmaceutical market within the U.S. cannabis market, with potential international export opportunities available as well.”

The facility was once a Kmart retail location. With this money, Royal Emerald said that the site will undergo an extensive renovation and be remodeled turning the 94,000 square foot building into a high-tech cannabis cultivation and medical research facility.

“Our mission is to address the significant issue that existing pharmaceutical pain management practices have created for patients nationwide, especially our military veterans and first responders,” said Mark Crozier, Chairman, and Founder of Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals. “Thanks to our partnership with Pelorus, we are able to achieve the next step of this mission with our new facility. The support we have received from the Pelorus team is unparalleled, and we greatly appreciate the confidence they have placed in us.”

Developing medicines for veterans is a personal mission for Crozier, who is a disabled veteran and retired first responder.  Crozier started Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals to combat the medical issues our veterans and first responders face during and after their service. Veterans and first responders can suffer from PTSD, depression, sleep apnea, chronic pain, and much more as a direct result of their sacrifice, stress, and devotion to protecting our great nation.

Mr. Crozier added, “We believe in the power of alternative therapeutics derived from botanicals, including cannabis, to treat and support those that have undergone significant physical and emotional harm. Our veterans and first responders deserve effective pain management options that safely address their complex needs, and we believe we can lead the way in providing this support. We are also excited to support our local community, as our new innovative facility, will provide meaningful employment opportunities with a job fair coming later this year.”

Emerson BrownMay 29, 2018


Let me begin by letting all those know who have served, currently serving or thinking about serving in the United States military that on this memorial day, you are greatly appreciated for your courage and conviction when it comes to giving up your life for the protection and advancement of this great country. The fact that you can load up your guns and mentally prepare yourself to die for this great country is simply amazing, but like all great endeavors,  it comes with a price.

The price comes with a name and it’s called “PTSD” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A lifelong emotional and physical battle that most in the United States military will have to endure due to experiencing a seriously traumatizing event. When a soldier is exposed to trauma, it stimulates that person’s mind. In turn, creating for them feelings that produce sleeping problems, irritability, anger, poor concentration, blackouts and phobias. So with that being said it’s clear, we have a problem and this problem needs a solution.

As of today, that solution has been to prescribe these mentally disturbed soldiers antidepressants and we all know these antidepressants come with side effects. Yes, this helps a person momentarily but over a long period of time it can be very damaging to the mind and body.

Luckily it’s 2018 and the times are changing, different roads are being paved and the interpretation of cannabis knowledge is being accepted and not looked over. At this point in the game we’re talking about how to produce relaxation for the mind of a person who often entertains the past thoughts of trauma in a healthy way.

A soldier has a 30 percent chance of developing PTSD but when you factor in the childhood problems and the times they might have accidentally harmed the innocent. A veteran has a 97% chance of developing PTSD following combat. Therefore, when dealing with a very serious mental situation it comes to those who serve or have served united states military. Like every situation that isn’t properly handled it can create a problem for not only them but all those indirectly involved too.

So is Cannabis the answer? Is it the sunshine or the cannabis of California that makes California the top choice for active enlisted soldiers? Are today’s soldiers secretly smoking to ease the tension and pain from combat? I’m not sure, but if so, do you blame them? See, the world relies on the US military and in all due respect we need a healthy military. So the question is, as a nation do we push forward with the plant or press on with the pharmaceutical? I’m not one to take money out anyone’s pocket but I am one to present a page to profit on it if the book is available.

Yes, a healthy military is key when it comes to concentration and control. So as we settle in the scene the seeds have set. Let us push forward and become great again by letting the plant produce the pleasure outta the pain because the patient in each and every soldier needs to be a priority.

Anne-Marie FischerJanuary 14, 2018


HARDCAR Security is a veteran-led organization that leverages the specific skills and talents of ex-military officers for its staff. It provides the cannabis industry with a variety of high-tech services aimed at protecting their cash, cannabis, and people with military-grade security, calling itself a “game-changer” within the industry and it does this with the help of veterans.

The company’s service model was borne from the specific competencies that veterans bring to their services of transporting medical cannabis, and protecting cannabis grow operations. HARDCAR embraces the professionalism and leadership experience from the military and applies it to the high-stakes cannabis environment.

Impacting Veterans Employment

Aside from its goal to become the most high-tech cannabis security service in the nation, HARDCAR aspires to make a positive impact on veterans’ employment statistics and their associated narratives in the country.

The post-9/11 veterans faced a significantly high unemployment rate during re-integration into civilian society, many believing that it was due to the stigma associated with PTSD, with rates being as high as 12.1% in 2011. At this time, veterans were falling behind their non-service professional counterparts in snagging the jobs they were qualified for.

In 2016, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reported that proactive employment programs like the “Hire our Heroes” contributed to cutting veterans’ unemployment in half.
The end of 2017 showed a decrease in the unemployment rate of the country’s veterans over the previous year from 4.1 in 2016, falling to 3.8%, according to the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service.

While the unemployment numbers have fallen and show every reason to be positive, underemployment is a different issue. Many veterans are returning to professional life with advanced skills that are hard to find a place for and are finding jobs in which their underutilized, resulting in a lack of professional fulfillment.

Returning To Civilian Life

“It can be very difficult to find your place in the world after serving in the military,” says Aaron Augustis, a former Sergeant and Combat Engineer in the U.S. Army, Airborne, “I experienced difficulty with my transition back into civilian life. I would have uncontrollable waves of emotions that would hit me.”

Todd Kleperis, a former veteran, and founder and CEO of HARDCAR refers to the 8 full-time and 20 part-time employees as “instant coffee”, as they are ready-equipped and highly-trained to get the job done. “Our ‘boots on the ground’ combat experience is essential to our success,” describes Augustis, “Situational awareness, flexibility, adaptability, discipline, focus and motivation and some of the personal qualities that each of our veterans brings to the work.”

“Each canna run or money run is a mission,” Augustis says of millions of dollars of cash and cannabis moved across California by HARDCAR, “Running missions with a purpose of providing safe medicine and knowing that our training and experience can still be put to use in civilian world gives us a sense of purpose again.”

The Everyday Realities of PTSD

Some days Augustis would find himself literally immobilized in fear. He’d be thinking of where he had been serving in Iraq, how dangerous the situations were that he had been in, and the fact that he nearly escaped death too many times. These thoughts replayed over and over in his mind to the point that he couldn’t work, and ended up dropping out of the program he’d enrolled in at a community college.

Augustis’ story isn’t uncommon. Thousands of veterans are returning home with the difficulty of having to reintegrate into the professional world while struggling with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). “My bottled-up emotions that I had suppressed in Iraq began to burst out,” Augustus recalls about the time in his life he just couldn’t seem to cope enough to focus on rebuilding his life after combat. Desperate to bring stability back into his life, he looked to medicinal cannabis in his home state of California.

Finding Hope In Cannabis

“By using cannabis, I was able to slow things down in my mind and be more present and stable,” says Augustis, who is now meaningfully contracted within the cannabis industry in California. “I have first-hand experience when dealing with combat-related PTSD and know how cannabis helps. To deprive others of medical cannabis who are experiencing PTSD symptoms is not morally right.”
Now able to cope with the symptoms of his PTSD, Augustis has become a critical link for access to cannabis for veterans. Augustis enjoys a role as Veterans’ Services Liaison with HARDCAR Security, a company providing advanced safety, transportation, and security services to the cannabis industry.

“HARDCAR gives us that opportunity to serve our nation again by providing safe and reliable access to medical cannabis,” says Augustis.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Kleperis states when asked why HARDCAR focuses on veterans’ employment, “We like their attitude. Our employees are happy and are doing something they love. What else matters?”

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