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Video StaffSeptember 10, 2021


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tells a town meeting in Iowa that progress has made on the legalization of cannabis front, but does he mean among his fellow Senators or state by state? The largest cannabis convention in the New England area every year is the New England Cannabis Convention or NECANN, now returning to Boston for the first time in two years. PCM Founder Jimmy Young goes One on one with founder Marc Shepard. Plus Cresco Labs with a major acquisition of a legendary Massachusetts dispensary. More state records are set with weed sales over the summer holidays and a research study from Canada gets prime time coverage on major USA TV news networks. A local basketball legend and NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce reconnects with a now adult college basketball player thanks to the Truth’s Hub Craft dispensary roll out.

Video StaffJune 18, 2021


On Weed Talk News this week, once Governor Ned Lamont signs the bill, Connecticut will become the 19th legal cannabis state in the USA. The Tiger King launches a celebrity weed strain from prison. Two US Congressman file a bill to legalize all drugs, 50 years to the day Ex-President Nixon started the so-called war on drugs. Former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce enters the cannabis market, and his Truth strain is coming to Massachusetts courtesy of The Hub Craft. Plus State reports from Coast to coast including a new California report from The self-proclaimed “Canna Bitch” Jackie Byrant. Michigan with Rick Thompson, Vermont with Jessilyn Dolan, Illinois with Margo Vesely, The DC Report with Phil Adams from Vote Pro Pot Cast and The Green Market Report’s Debra Borchardt with the latest IPO from a major cannabis brand, Weedmaps. Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media Anchors Weed Talk News.

Video StaffMay 14, 2021


A pair of Republican Congressman introduce the latest cannabis legalization bill, but it’s missing social justice clauses. So will it make the floor of either house? Called the Common Sense Cannabis Reform for Veterans, Small Businesses, and Medical Professionals Act, it is being co sponsored by two Reps. David Joyce (R-OH), and Don Young (R-AK). Vote Pro Pot Cast Phil Adams has more in the DC report. The biggest deal in cannabis business history as Trulieve acquires Harvest. Green Market Report’s Debra Borchardt has the details. MJBiz predicts a weed market of 92 Billion dollars in 2021. Another celebrity weed strain makes it to the East coast. Bertha goes down the road feeling bad, on one more Saturday NIght to listen to Uncle Johns Band, yes Jerry Garcia’s hand picked strain finds dispensaries coast to coast. Rick Thompson in Michigan, Tara Misu in New Jersey, NORML’s Margo Vesely from Illinois, Jessilyn Dolan has Ben Cohen’s social equity initiative in her Vermont report. Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media anchors Weed Talk News.

Video StaffApril 30, 2021


A few ounces of weed might be legal in New Jersey but not hundreds of pounds, as Tara Misu explains in her New Jersey report. Vermont’s Green Nurse Jessilyn Dolan has the story of her state banning Delta 8 THC and why that is a good thing. No movement on the Federal legalization front as the SAFE Banking bill can’t even get onto the Senate floor. 4-20 sets a buying record for cannabis sales in the USA. Plus the Green Market Report with Debra Borchardt, and state wrap-ups from Washington DC, Illinois, Michigan, and north of the border in Canada with MJBiz Canada reporter Solomon Israel. Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media anchors Weed Talk News, the most comprehensive cannabis news roundup on the internet.

Video StaffMarch 26, 2021


New York is going to announce a bill to legalize adult use of cannabis and it could happen within the next 24-48 hours. A heavy tax percentage and an escalating scale for the THC intoxication component in flower and concentrates is already getting panned by the cannabis industry. Details in Weed Talk News with Pro Cannabis Media’s Jimmy Young.

Now with six correspondents in different regions giving this weekly review of cannabis news a true coast-to-coast report. New Jersey’s Cannabis board gets settled after the NAACP urges personnel change, and Tara Misu has that story. Plus South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem suddenly reverses her policy towards weed. Harborside might not have the DeAngelo brothers running things anymore, but they just procured a historic bank loan for 12 million dollars.

The Green Market Report’s Debra Borchardt takes a look at quarterly profits by the big cannabis businesses, and Michigan sets a sales record; Rick Thompson has that story. Vermont’s Green Nurse, Jessilyn Dolan reports from the Green Mountain state, Vote Pro Pot Cast’s Phil Adams with the DC report. Introducing Margo Vasely with what’s going on in Illinois.

Video StaffMarch 12, 2021


March is Women’s history month, and some history was written this week when a woman-owned and operated dispensary opens in Boston. It’s only the 3rd adult-use dispensary that Boston has opened to the public in two and a half years. Seed is more than just a place to buy weed however as they showcase the struggle minorities have faced in entering the cannabis business and the injustices they’ve faced with unjust incarcerations. Curaleaf enters the European market and Debra Borchardt’s has that story. Vote Pro Pot Cast’s Phil Adams reports from Washington DC on the new Attorney General Merrick Garland and what it might mean for the legalization of the cannabis movement. Reports from Vermont, and Michigan on Weed Talk News. Jimmy Young anchors for Pro Cannabis Media.

Video StaffMarch 5, 2021


2020 was a great year for the cannabis industry. Even though the pandemic sent everyone home for long periods of time, the plant was named essential in most legal states during the Covid shut down, and want did most people do? PARTY! That’s right, more cannabis was sold in the United States legally than in any year before over 17 Billion dollars. Most experts believe this is just the beginning of the cannabis boom, and if the Feds decriminalize possession then the industry will really explode in 2021. You can add Virginia to the list of Adult Use legal states, bringing that total to 16 now even though South Dakota continues’ its legal fight. Phil Adams from Vote Pro Pot Cast has details on that development. Canadian comedian and actor Seth Rogen is bringing his favorite weed strains to California for sale and online orders already crashed his website. Solomon Israel from MJBiz Daily International has the Canadian report. Debra Borchardt from the Green Market report has the latest on merger and acquisitions in the cannabis space while Massachusetts-based Mari Med gets a huge infusion of cash from a healthcare company. Weed Talk News expands it’s state coverage with reports from Vermont from their Green Nurse Jessilyn Dolan and Tara Misu has the New Jersey report. Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media anchors Weed Talk News from outside of Boston

Video StaffFebruary 19, 2021


On Weed Talk News this week, NBA legend Chris Webber teams up with JW Asset Management to create a 100 million dollar investment fund for social equity. Webber is another example of a professional athlete making a difference for society. Six lobby groups combine their efforts to write to new President Joe Biden asking for an executive order to expunge the records of non-violent cannabis offenders. New Jersey Governor still waiting to sign his state’s new legislation into law, while South Dakota’s ballot question is now heading to that state’s Supreme Court. Is Weed going to be for sale in our nation’s capital after all? California’s fertile ground in Humboldt County bans outdoor growing of legal hemp while their cannabis crop continues to provide 80% of the illegal market in the U.S. Debra Borchardt’s Green Market Report, Solomon Israel’s Canadian report from MJBiz International’s bureau, and Vote Pro Pot Cast’s, Phil Adams with the DC Report Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media anchors.

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