The Best CBD Products For Dogs

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Whenever your pet gets sick, you try your best to help him/her get the best medicine so they can regain their health right? We’re the same way. We have some of the best CBD pet products for your furry friends. CBD is a therapeutic compound that is derived from hemp plants. It is non-psychoactive. Thus, your pet will not get high from using these organic products.

CBD can affect the activity of the brain in pets, thus reducing stress and anxiety. Studies by veterinarians show that CBD is safe for cats and dogs. However, more thorough research is underway to determine more benefits of CBD on our furry friends. There is a wide range of CBD pet products on the market and it is up to you to find the best product that will specifically help with your pet’s condition. 


Are CBD products safe for dogs?

Although CBD has many benefits for our pets, it is very important to administer the right dose so your dog can reap maximum benefits from the treatment. The amount of CBD given to dogs depends on the weight, the CBD milligrams present in the product and the reasons why your dog needs CBD treatment in the first place. To safely use CBD for dogs, we recommend you start with a small dose and slowly increase using the product’s dosing guidelines. Alternatively, you can check the package for instructions on usage. CBD pet products are safe for dogs and will not intoxicate them.

As you are already aware of, CBD products come in many different forms. This makes it easy to administer to pets depending on their characteristics, preferences and lifestyle. 


CBD pet product types include;

  • CBD oil


CBD oil is usually an easy way of administering CBD to your dog because it has a dropper that helps give accurate doses. Moreover, CBD can be easily absorbed into your dog’s body if administered under your furry friend’s tongue, mouth or cheeks. Additionally, you can put the CBD oil in their treat or food. 

  • CBD pet treats


Many pets enjoy getting tasty treats, which makes this one of the best ways of administering CBD. These treats contain CBD oil which will help your dog get the therapeutic benefits it needs to get better quickly. 

  • Capsules


With this method, the CBD oil is suspended in a capsule. This is a popular option of administering CBD oil on pets that hate the taste of CBD oil. Moreover, this method is great when travelling as the CBD capsules are easy to carry and administer. They are not messy either. However, the capsule will not have quick effects compared to other methods. You can administer the capsule by placing it in a tasty treat or inside your pet’s mouth. 

  • CBD topical pet products


Pet owners can directly apply the CBD oil on their pets’ skin. Topical application of CBD can reduce or prevent aches and skin problems. It is more effective if placed in a non-hairy part of your pet’s body. Moreover, you must prevent your pet from licking the area for about 50 minutes. 


The most effective and high-quality CBD pet products for Dogs?

  • Honest Paws Wellness Bites

This product is best for boosting your pet’s immune system to prevent those seasonal allergies. They are coconut-flavoured and will melt in your dog’s mouth, making them happy and healthy at the same time. It helps the dog remain calm and improves cognitive function as well. It goes for $23.99. The directions for use are in the package. 

  • Honest Paws Relief Bites

This tasty CBD for pets treat is flavoured with turmeric which has been mixed with full-spectrum organic CBD. Ingredients used are oats, coconut oil and turmeric. This treat will improve your dog’s mobility, heart health and reduce joint pains. The recommended dosage and instructions for use are found on the package. The package also goes for $23.99. 

  • Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs

This CBD oil will boost the overall health and immune system of your furry friend. It will also improve joint health, induce calmness and reduce inflammation. The oil can be directly added to their food or administered into their mouths using the dropper. This CBD oil ranges from $38.99 to $77.99. 

  • Honest Paws Calm Bites

As the name suggests, these calm bites will prevent your dog from being anxious. It is flavoured with peanut butter and contains safe ingredients and full-spectrum CBD. You can administer this treat every day or during those stressful situations when your dog is really anxious. This treat goes for only $23.99. 

  • Honest Paws Mobility Soft Chews

This soft chews product has been made with organic CBD and will calm even the most anxious pet. As the name indicates, the product is made up of soft and delicious treats that can be easily chewed. It goes for $37.99. 


What are the benefits of CBD on pets?

  • CBD reduces vomiting

CBD can stimulate appetite in our furry friends while reducing nausea and vomiting. Moreover, it can reduce nausea and vomiting. There is strong research that backs up the fact that CBD is antiemetic.

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits

Studies indicate that CBD reduces pain because it has neuroprotective qualities which plays a huge role in relieving pain. This is one of the main reasons why it has gained popularity worldwide and can be used to treat or manage many conditions.

  • Anti-anxiety benefits

Your pet can also suffer from stress, anxiety or phobias. CBD can make people relax and calm down. CBD reduces anxiety and depression, allowing your pet to enjoy their lives without stress. 

  • CBD reduces seizures


CBD is known to reduce seizures, spasms, tremors and tics. CBD can help to manage seizures in epileptic dogs and cats. Veterinarians have begun exploring the uses of CBD on pets. CBD treats pain and anxiety in pets. It can also reduce stress and digestive problems in animals. Moreover, it comes in many different forms, making it easy to administer to our furry friends.

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