The Top Reasons Not To Choose Tobacco Vapes

Unlike cigarettes, vapes do not burn. E-cigarettes were designed to help those addicted to smoking since it is associated with several health hazards. Vaping involves turning flavored liquid into vapor that you inhale. However, it is important to avoid vaping nicotine because of its undesirable health effects. Here are some of the major reasons you should vape without nicotine:

Nicotine-Free Vape is Not Addictive

Vaping nicotine is as addictive as smoking regular cigarettes. Most e-cigarette users take in more nicotine than regular cigarettes because they can buy high-strength vape juice. 

People who use nicotine vape juice regularly and stop suddenly experience withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, craving, difficulty concentrating, and some sense of emptiness. All these withdrawal symptoms make it very difficult to stop vaping nicotine e-liquid. 

Studies show that nicotine is one of the hardest substances to quit. However, reducing the level of nicotine in your vape juice can lower your addiction. But people go an extra mile into getting special cartridges to ensure that they consume a good quantity of nicotine from the products. Some also raise the e-cigarette voltage to increase the level of nicotine. 

Nicotine releases dopamine in the brain. The chemical triggers your brain to repeat one thing, which is commonly known as reinforcement. Your brain experiences a dopamine hit every time you vape nicotine. People vaping nicotine get a higher dopamine hit than smokers. This repetitive behavior leads the user into a vicious cycle of addiction.

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Nicotine can Damage Your Lungs

Nicotine covers your lungs and can cause an inflammatory response. It also affects the lung tissue that serves as a barrier to unwanted substances from reaching the lung.

Various studies also show that nicotine increases susceptibility to lung cancer plays a role in the progression of lung cancer. Nicotine can also induce breast cancer and pancreatic cancer due to its carcinogenic effects on body tissues. 

Nicotine Can Cause Poisoning

Nicotine can cause poisoning due to toxicity in people who vape a lot. Nicotine is a natural chemical responsible for tobacco addictive properties. The cases of nicotine poisoning were initially rare, but they have spiked due to the new versions of nicotine products such as vaping and pure liquid nicotine.  Using e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine are more likely to cause poisoning due to the high concentration of nicotine.

The amount of nicotine that can lead to poisoning depends on the individual’s body weight and internal body chemistry. The potential for nicotine poisoning is also higher in those who vape. 10-30 milligrams of nicotine can kill an adult, while 10 milligrams can kill a child. However, individuals with more body weight need higher concentrations to reach toxic levels.

Overconsumption of nicotine primarily affects the heart and the central nervous system. The symptoms of nicotine poisoning include vomiting, high blood pressure, dehydration, and abnormal heart rate. If you experience these symptoms, please call your doctor for emergency treatment to avoid adverse outcomes. 

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Nicotine can Affect the Unborn Baby during Pregnancy

Vaping nicotine during pregnancy can have adverse effects on the unborn baby. It can cause abnormal lung, brain, and heart development in fetuses. Nicotine can also harm the fetus’s immune system, which can affect them in their entire life. 

The effects of nicotine also impact the baby’s central nervous system. Most babies whose mothers use nicotine during pregnancy are born with asphyxia. The damages that occur in the major biological mechanisms can lead to a severe lack of oxygen, which increases the chances of SIDS, making it difficult for the child to recover from environmental stress. For the safety of your child, you should avoid vaping nicotine. 


Nicotine can Affect Mental Health

Vaping nicotine can cause impulse impact control, especially to young adults whose brains are not fully developed. Some of the common risks include memory loss and mood disorders. 

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The part of the brain that controls cognitive behavior isn’t fully developed during adolescence, and vaping nicotine inhibits its development. This can affect brain circuits that regulate attention and learning. Hence, young adults and adolescents are at a higher risk when exposed to nicotine. 

Nicotine Can Be a Gateway Drug

Nicotine is addictive and can be a gateway drug to more potent drugs. Most people who vape nicotine are likely to use alcohol, which is associated with risky behaviors. While vaping is a safer way of consuming nicotine, you can choose to vape nicotine-free vape juice, which is safer for your health.


Final Word!

Vaping is much safer than smoking, and most people who want to quit smoking switch to vaping. However, the safety of vaping also depends much on what you are vaping. If you want to vape nicotine, then consider lowering your nicotine intake until you can quit. 




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