Tracking Medical Cannabis Strains With The Tetragram App

Editors Note: This story is part of a month-long series featuring Black business leaders in the cannabis industry to celebrate Black History Month. 

With the constant advancement of technology, people can easily access what they need with a touch of a button. Over the last two decades, we have seen an increase in the number of digital services available through digital apps. Food delivery, transportation, and prescription medication refills are just some examples of types of services available online.

While there are many apps that focus on medical marijuana card applications or dispensary locations, Tetragram provides something different. Tetragram, a black-owned business, is a free app that allows users to record their medical marijuana products via a digital journal.

Tetragram’s CEO is Otha Smith, III, who graduated from Bowie State University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. Smith aspired to start his own career at an early age, leading to his first business, Aggressive Detailing LLC, which was created during his high school years. After a few years in the sales industry, Smith, proposed the idea of the app after his struggles to remember his medical cannabis products. Smith is supported by two additional cofounders, G. Lucas Roe, CDO, and Julius Moore, CTO, who both use medical marijuana to help with chronic pain.

Tetragram was brought to fruition with the goal of creating a platform where users could simplify their medical cannabis product information in one location. “Built for patients by patients,” is the app’s tagline, which indicates that this app was created with medical marijuana patients in mind.



When a user logs a session in their digital journal, Tetragram asks basic questions about the strain. Questions asked on the app for journal session include the following:

  • Which strain is being used?
  • Which dispensary it was purchased from?
  • How the medical marijuana is taken? (orally, inhaling, or topically)
  • What is the patient treating? (symptoms)


There is also an option to add photos and rate the strain based on the treatment of symptoms, quality of experience, and flavor and experience. Patients can share their ratings with the app’s community to help other patients find the right strains.

Benefits of the Tetragram app include the following:

  • Easy accessibility: For those who are novices to tracking their medical cannabis or an experienced user, the app makes it easy for anyone to use the app without any confusion.
  • Customizable: It can be overwhelming to remember various cannabis strain names, but Tetragram alleviates this issue by allowing users to keep track of their medical products. The app will remember each strain
  • Privacy protection: Users won’t have to worry about their data being breached released. Tetragram has a Privacy Manifesto which details how the company uses data, how they make money, and privacy protection of minors, who are not permitted to use the app.

For those looking to partner with Tetragram, there are open to those with a dispensary or a certified medical marijuana provider to help patients on the app.

If you visit the Tetragram website, you will discover the company’s blog, in which they provide updated news on the app, as well as educational material about medical marijuana.

Tetragram is helping to revolutionize cannabis and technology through its digital journaling app. With the difficulty that comes with accessing medical cannabis, patients having the ability to keep track of their strains will be one less stress for them

Taneia Surles

Taneia Surles is a freelance writer with an interest in entrepreneurship and minority-owned businesses. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in public health. When she's not writing or studying, she enjoys watching true crime documentaries and journaling.

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