Ways To Save Electricity While Mnufacturing CBD Oil

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Cannabidiol oil is a by-product derived from the cannabis plant commonly known as CBD oil. It is manufactured to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, and lessen acne. Generally, it is produced on a large scale in oil companies. The process of manufacturing CBD oil involves a huge amount of electricity. Due to the large amounts of energy usage, the oil companies have to pay costly energy bills. 

Thus, with this article, we tried to suggest some of the ways through which we can reduce energy bills and save electricity. Here are 5 ways using which you can save electricity while manufacturing CBD oil.


Normally 18 to 20 hours of lighting per day is required for growing cannabis. The operators who grow cannabis use high-pressure sodium lights which help to supplement sunlight during cold weather. This can be replaced by using LED lighting which is more efficient and will use up to 50 percent less energy as compared to the high-pressure sodium lights. Thus, LED recessed lighting from  https://www.lepro.com/led-recessed-lighting is a better alternative that will save electricity and also reduce electricity bills.



If we reduce the heat that comes from lighting, then it can reduce the load on the HVAC equipment by altering the humidity levels. Dehumidification is important for growing cannabis which requires mechanical cooling. Small cultivators may consider high-efficiency split ductless air conditioning and heat pump units which will consume less fan energy than the rooftop units. On the contrary, large cultivators may go with the chilled water system. This will lead to more potential energy savings.



Greenhouses can save much more energy required per pound of cannabis than typical indoor cultivation. Since sunlight is used as an energy source for a greenhouse, this leads to a large reduction in energy consumption and saves electricity because there is a reduced need for artificial lighting. 

The indoor grow operations require more amount of artificial light during the vegetative stage and flowering stage as compared to the amount of supplemental artificial lighting needed by Greenhouses. Moreover, greenhouses allow more air circulation which will reduce the need for efficient fans and save electricity. Thus, Greenhouses are a preferable option to conserve electricity. 



The CBD oil companies should install smart and sophisticated meters from LEPRO to measure the baseline energy usage and demand. It would become easier to determine peak usage hours. Cultivators should prefer an energy audit of the operation by simple calculations. One should record total electricity consumption per pound of cannabis on a fortnightly or monthly basis. One should set targets to reduce energy consumption and implement a plan to save electricity and reduce energy usage.

You should also take the benefit of free energy audits and suggestions for improvement of the cannabis cultivation scheme offered by many energy companies. 



Technology will be proved as a boon if we use it in a systematic way for preserving electricity in CBD oil production. Firstly, we have to make the cannabis cultivators familiar with the utility of energy efficiency programs and services offered these days. One should choose well-qualified contractors (for cooling and dehumidification) with expertise in mechanical systems for CBD oil manufacturing. One can also have an integrated climate control system that is chosen by the cultivators best suited for their produce. Multi-output or variable speed equipment is also recommended for less power consumption. Additionally, these types of equipment prevent plant shock by not going from off to high setting.



These are some of the methods which can be used to reduce the power consumption needed in CBD oil production. As responsible citizens, we must save electricity and preserve it for future generations because sources of electricity are likely to exhaust if continued to be used at this high pace. Moreover, there is a link between energy use and the environment. If we consume less power, then we help to reduce the number of toxic gases released in the air by such oil companies and conserve our ecosystems from destruction.

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