Weed: 3 Ways to Get Baked

Editors Note: This is a guest post. 

There has been a long and hard battle for the legalization of the psychoactive plant called marijuana. A lot of people are now taking medical marijuana for treatment of a variety of ailments such as depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety,  stress, and chronic pain. Numerous studies have vouched for the therapeutic benefits provided by THC and CBD, the main active chemical compounds in cannabis. Since the stigma of consuming weed has been dealt with to quite an extent, people are now looking for new and more unique ways to consume the plant. There are a multitude of ways of smoking or consuming weed, but we have curated some of the best ways to get baked, be it for medicinal or for recreational use.

A Joint

A joint will always be the best and most classic way to get stoned or baked. At least 75% of users say that no matter how much they prefer another method of consuming cannabis, a joint at least twice a week is something that they can not do without. It is important to remember that a joint is made up of only marijuana. Once you add tobacco to it, it’s called a spliff. 

There are so many varieties of papers out there for you to choose from for rolling a joint, it’s ridiculous. Most users swear by using hemp papers since the gum is completely vegan and doesn’t have a strong taste. A joint offers you the opportunity to light up anywhere and is quite more discreet than a bong or a pipe. It is also very easy to carry along and hide if needed.

Consuming THC oil

You might be surprised to know that you can get high from consuming just a few drops of THC oil! Unlike CBD oil that does not get you high, THC oil does the job. There are a variety of benefits of consuming oil instead of smoking such as avoidance of all the risks associated with smoking. You can get all the benefits of marijuana without any of the dangers.

Gravity bong

This used to be an all-time favorite for people who did not own a bong but wanted to smoke one. This is actually every poor stoner’s go-to. In times of need, it’s an amazing way to get incredibly high in a short period of time, without using most of your stash. 

The bucket gravity bong can be made using a 2-liter bottle along with one that is much bigger. Cut the small bottle from the middle, a little less than half, and put it into the other one containing a larger reservoir of water. Convert the cap of the 2-liter bottle into a bowl and light it. Keep bring the bottle up slowly and watch as the entire bottle fills up with smoke. Remove the bowl, push the bottle inside and inhale all the smoke.

It is very important to know about different ways that you can get high so that you are well-informed and use the method that suits your purpose best

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