Women's Month Spotlight: Nat Shaul


Nat Shaul, VP of Marketing and Co-Founder of springbig, a leading provider in cannabis loyalty marketing and communications technology. Nat has been an integral part of the springbig team since its founding over 8 years ago.

Her wealth of knowledge and insight into the tech space, cannabis industry, and effective marketing, has played a crucial role in turning springbig into the leading provider of cannabis CRM and marketing technology. The company currently has over 1,000 clients across 2,300 locations throughout North America, reaching over 65% of the estimated 38.4M cannabis users in the U.S. through its AI-powered SaaS platform.

  1. What is your proudest accomplishment in the cannabis industry? 

My proudest accomplishment is having over 15% of the US population using springbig.

  1. Do you feel that the cannabis industry has more opportunities for female-identifying people than other industries? 

I think so. I think the cannabis industry as a whole is more open-minded and are proponents for equality than other industries.

  1. Do you feel you have to work twice as hard as male colleagues or do you think the industry has moved past that? 

I think that generally, the cannabis industry is more progressive than most. With that being said, to get to the point where I am today I often had to hide the fact that I was a female so that my cold emails/calls would be answered quicker or taken more seriously.

  1. What was your biggest challenge in business and how did you overcome it? 

When springbig started out, we were the small guys. We had less money, less tech, and less staff than industry competitors. However, we had the most passion, drive, and determination for what we were doing. I think as we spoke to more people and showed them who springbig was at heart, they could really see that.

Getting in front of the right people was the biggest challenge. Going to conferences and meeting people face to face helped, but the biggest factor was actually changing my email name from ‘Natalie’ to ‘Nat’, a name that was unisex – which increased my open rates dramatically.

  1. What have you or your company done to help give more opportunities for women?

I am proud to say that nearly 50% of our company is female, which is higher than the average of 30% for most tech/software companies.

  1. What are your personal goals for 2022? 

My goals for 2022 are to spend more time with family and friends. I’d also love to try to travel more.

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