Zentrela Honored For Most Innovative Tech At Green Market Report Tech Awards

Zentrela looks to provide science-based data on the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

The Green Market Report Tech Awards were presented following the first-ever Green Market Report Tech Summit on Sept. 8 at The Pearl event space in San Francisco. This week, we’ll be providing a closer look at the honorees.

Most Innovative Tech: Zentrela

There’s a dearth of research related to the impact that cannabis has on a user’s brain, but Zentrela is seeking to change that.

In 2016, Israel Gasperin and Dr. Dan Bosnyak, a neuroscientist at McMaster University, established the foundations of Zentrela, a neurotechnology company using artificial intelligence to analyze EEG data, to eventually compile the world’s largest database of cannabis psychoactive effects.

The Cognalyzer, Zentrela’s platform, combines proprietary hardware and software to document objective, science-backed cannabis effect data for the cannabis industry. According to the company, once target data segments are collected from the study subject, an algorithm analyzes each segment and “compares it to a proprietary library of neural patterns, then classifies whether the segment shows evidence of psychoactive effect.”

The level of THC psychoactive effect (or how “high” an individual feels) is determined by the percentage of time that the participant experiences the THC psychoactive effects. For example, if the Cognalyzer collects 20 EEG data segments and the proprietary algorithm determines that 12 EEG data segments are altered by the THC psychoactive effect, then the psychoactive effect level is 60%.

By administering multiple Cognalyzer tests before, during and after cannabis consumption, Zentrela documents the complete product psychoactive experience, broken down by individual consumer profile.

Zentrela’s executive team includes founder and Chief Executive Officer Gasperin, Chief Scientific Officer Bosnyak, Chief Commercial Officer Roy Agostino and Director of Lab Operations Upmanyu Sharma. The company’s strategic advisory board includes industry and fin-tech executives from Hybrid Pharma, Peak Processing, Weever Apps, Jornic Ventures and UberGreen.

Congratulations to Zentrela on being selected as Most Innovative Tech at the Green Market Report Tech Awards 2022.

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